Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who is Jason

Thursday, July 16, 2009
So I have noticed that I dont mention alot about Jason here on my blog and when I do some people inquire about him. Jason in my typical back-talking, moody 15yr old stepson that lives in Atlanta...for those of you that dont know I live in Birmingham, AL. We use to drive to Atlanta (4 hr round trip) every other weekend and get him on Friday's and then take him back on Sunday's. Well then gas shot up and we slowed it to once a month. Now that Jason is 15 he really doesnt have much to do with us so we only go and get him when he wants to come over. He would much rather be at home...he does not like coming here especially since Kaylyn is here.

He can be very jealous of Kaylyn but what he doesnt understand is that we do just as much for him as we do her...the only difference is, is that she lives here, he doesnt! And this is his choice...we have asked and begged him to live here but he doesnt want to. He likes all of his freedom that he has over there in GA. Plus when he was younger his mother told him that if he ever came to live over here with us then SHE would have to pay US child support and since she is a single mom she couldnt afford that. So I know in the back of his mind he doesnt want her to have to "pay" even though we told both of them we dont want her money...we just want a stable environment for him to live in. Kevin and I have been married for 6 yrs and Jason and his mom have moved 7 times in those 6 yrs! No wonder this child has problems making friends and is a loner!

The thing about his mom is that she doesnt really care about Jason...and he doesnt see it. I mean deep down I am sure she loves him but I really feel she keeps him around because of the child support we send her every month. She doesnt care about his grades, that he has no friends, or that he is always by himself. She doesnt think about the impact that all that leaves on him. No...she just sits by the mailbox at the first of every month and wait on that check!

I know you are asking why dont we fight for custody since we can provide for him better than her...I mean we have lived HERE in this house for 6 yrs! Well we tried to fight for custody a couple of years ago and it got a little nasty. Even though in our opinion she isnt a good mother the court saw her as one...she did provide a roof over his head, food on the table, and he was going to school. So of course the court naturally will leave him with the mother...we eneded up dropping the case because we were all pulling him in the middle of it too. Needless to say he would be much better over here but he nor her sees it that way.

Since he is 15 now she still is never home so he gets all the freedom he wants. He has friends over to their apt and he even sneaks out to go to friends houses. She is never there to catch him so that is how he likes it. He knows that if he were to come live here there would be rules and guidlines to go by and he doesnt want his "freedom" to be taken away.

So that is a little about Jason...I am sure I will post more about him since he is here and should be here until the first of August. If you have questions I didnt answer let me know:)


Aunt of 14

Aw, that is too bad that his mom doesn't seem to care. Jason is obviously very smart. He knows what he's got... and he is using it to his advantage (his freedom) When you are at that age (15) you don't want all those rules and restrictions. And I agree with you, I think it is guilt that keeps him there. His dad has a whole family with you and Kaylyn, and his mom has noone but him. I can see that perspective, but you're right. He still would be better off with you! Maybe in a year or two he'll realize that. I think you've done a good job... making sure he knew he was more than welcome to move in anytime he wanted or needed to.


Nice to know! I didn't know you had a stepson until you mentioned him just the other day!

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