Thursday, July 2, 2009

Embarassing Moment

Thursday, July 2, 2009
I had an embarrassing moment today at work that I thought you all would get a kick out of too. Well first let me tell you that I answer the phones and am probably the one that uses the phone the most too. To use our phones you have to dial 9 and then the number. I really hate that and this is why...

I picked up the phone to call my mom on her cell which is a 9-5-1 number. So I dialed 9 and then went to hit 9-1-5 but actually hit 9-1-1. Oops! So I hung up really quickly and then waited a minute. Normally if you hang up they call right back to make sure everything is ok and this way I could tell them it was an accident. So I waited a minute and nothing happened so I went ahead and called my mom again and got it right this time. I talked to her for a minute or so and we hung up. I turned to my computer and got on

I noticed someone pulled up but I couldn't tell who it was because the way my desk sits. So I am sitting there and a chunky nice police officer walked in. Right behind him followed a sexy looking bald officer. FYI: It still hadnt hit me why they were there.

Me: "Good Morning, what can I help you with?"

chunky Nice Officer: "Mam, Did someone call 911?"

Me: "Oh shit!" Oh no, that was me, I thought I hung up in time. I am so sorry!"

Sexy Bald Officer: Dont worry Mam, that happens all the time...what number were you dialing?

Me: "Again, I am so sorry {as I winked at the hot sexy bald officer}. It was a 9-1-5 number. I thought that when I hung up so quickly it wouldnt go through and if it did the Police Dept would call back to confirm an emergency."

We talked for a few more minutes and they left. They didnt seem to be too upset about the mistake. But ultimately I was so embarrassed about it...not to mention there were 3 other people in my office that was there when all of this went down.

So what have you done lately that embarrassed the crap out of you?



I can't think of anything embarrassing, or at least anything I'll admit!

How funny!


Lmbo. My (step)dad works as a dispatcher at our county 911 office, and when my sister was about 5 she picked up the phone, dialed 9-1-1, and ask to speak with her daddy. No joke.

Aunt of 14

I don't have a recent embarrassing moment to share at this time, but I do remember a story similar to the one you just shared!! I'll save that for another post another time because it will be gignormous. Oh Alicia, at least the cops were CUTE!! LOL

ben and erin

haha. that's funny! samantha did that when she was little and they ended up calling me back.

most embarassing think i've done lately was send out all of samantha's birthday party invitations with no stamps on them!

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