Friday, July 31, 2009

Really? Is it that hard?

Friday, July 31, 2009
My night has been rather uneventful. I went a delivered some Mary Kay products to some very happy ladies. Because it took longer than I expected I called Kevin and we decided that I would stop and pick up dinner. First of all...I have to VERY picky eaters. Kaylyn will NOT eat fast food other than McDonald's and it has to be their chicken nuggets. Kevin will not eat any condiments on his burger. So I am one of those people that has to check their food before they drive away.

So I pulled up to McDonald's and ordered her a 6 piece McNugget Happy Meal for a girl with a Sprite to drink. All the McDonald's around here has the new 2 people can order at the same time at the drive thru. Well the lane I went to was empty but there was a line in the other lane. I ordered and pulled up some so that the car behind could order too. However, the car in the other lane had already ordered...I knew this and I knew they were in front of me. I was going to let them in....I had no intention of cutting her off...I was simply moving up some so the car behind me could order. Well the lady in the other lane thought I was going to cut her off and she floored it in the drive thru! You crazy lady...she almost took my front end off! Of course she gave me "the finger"...I just smiled and waved. I find that smiling and waving back when someone gives me "the finger" only makes them madder! Can you tell I get the finger a lot?

Of course sitting there with her in front of me now only made me stew on it and I wanted to ram her so hard! You should be proud...I just let it go. That was my trip to McDonalds! I, however am so tired of McDonald's that if I never ate there again I would be fine with that. So Kevin and I decided on Whataburger. I love Whataburger is my favorite! So I pulled into the drive thru and ordered:

Me: Yes, may I have a #1 with cheese plain, medium fry, and a large coke?

Speaker: Ok mam, I have a #1 with cheese plain, medium fry and a large coke...anything else for you?

Me: Yes, I would like to get another #1 with cheese, no tomatoes or onions, medium fry and a large sweet tea?

Speaker: Ok mam, I have a #1 with cheese plain, medium fry and a large coke and another #1 with cheese, no tomatoes or onions, medium fry and a large sweet tea. Would you like to add an apple pie to you order?

Me: Did you hear me ask for an apple pie? No, thank you...not today.

Speaker: Alright mam, your total is $15.06, please drive around to the 2nd window.

So I pull on through and hand over an arm and a leg my $15.06. He handed me 2 bags and shut the window and walked off. I was assuming he was going to get my drinks. So I am sitting there checking my sandwiches because if I come home with ANYTHING other than a cheeseburger plain Kevin will not even touch it! I dont see the "plain" sticker I normally get so I looked at both burgers. I saw both had ketchup & mustard so I looked up and the guy was standing there talking to some other worker. I thought he was going to get my drinks...but I guess not! So I knocked on the window and he came over and I told him I needed one plain and I needed my drinks. He said I gave you your drinks as he looked in my car...I guess he didnt see them because he said hold on a minute. He came back with my drinks and shortly after that he brought me my plain sandwich. He told me he gave me a pie too...I guess I got that dang pie anyway!

Yes, I know they probably spit on his burger...that is the risk he takes. I never send anything back. But I am not as picky as he is. I can pick things off my burger and it doesnt bother me. It does him...he wont even eat it if a pickle has been on there and left juice on the bun. Yup...he is that picky! And yes...he seemed to have pass some of that on to my daughter!




LOL What an experience! Tyler is also a plain cheeseburger kinda guy! I always have to check too or he won't touch it either, lol

Aunt of 14

hehehehe, I hate to say this but I am kind of the same way with Mcdonalds and onions. I cannot stand onions.... if they so much as leave ONE LITTLE TINY BIT OF ONION on my burger, I will gag in the bag and give it back to them. I can't help it, LOL I'm sorry. It is like a reflex... even if I try so hard to control the reaction I cannot. Not with onions. Nope.

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