Monday, July 20, 2009


Monday, July 20, 2009
Well, I havent "lived" with a teeager other than myself. Boy have times changed! You know when I was brought up (which wasnt that long ago) I was taught respect. These days most children dont have that...that includes my step son.

I know there tends to be jealousy issues with him and Kaylyn. I understand that...I mean she lives here 24/7 and he comes over maybe every other month or so. But I must point out that where Jason lives is his decision...not ours. We have tried numerous times to get him to live with us but he continues to stay with his mom.

It all went down Friday can ask Nikki. I was so aggravated that I had to vent to someone. Thanks Nikki for being that person:) My office for my MK business is Jason's bedroom. So in there is his bed, my desk with a computer (that has an internet connection), TV complete with a DVD player, and play station 2. Alot of times when I am working I will have the TV on or Kaylyn will be playing Dora on the PS2. Now that Jason is here for the summer he has taken over the room...that is fine. However, all of that stuff is in his room but is not his. Kaylyn has just as much right to play with it as he does. He, however does not understand that. He stays cooped up in his room most of the day either playing the PS2 or being on the computer.

Kaylyn went into his room on Friday afternoon and asked to play Tiger Woods Golf game (that he was already playing). He told her of course she comes whining to me. I go in there and ask why she cant play since he is already playing the game. He said he didnt want to play Dora...I corrected him. She wanted to play the golf game (which she is pretty good at it I might add). He then proceeds to tell me that all of this stuff is his and that he isnt sharing (talk about getting on a 5 year olds level!). By the way...sometimes he likes to throw in a few choice words...Kevin and I assume that she (Jason's mother) doesnt correct him at her house so he must be use to it because it just flys out of his mouth. I told him he needed to watch his mouth especially in MY house and in front of Kaylyn. He kept it up and I told him that I thought his attitude really sucks! His response..."I dont give a damn what you think!" I couldnt beleive he just said that to me. Now if that was my child I would have backhanded his pretty little mouth but he isnt so the only thing I could do was for me to cool off as well as him too. I told him to get out of the house and go take a walk around the block. Really it was me that wanted to take the walk but I couldnt leave both off he went.

By the time he got back he was fine...a little calmer and by then Kaylyn was done playing the game so he went back into his room to play his game. After an hour or so I rounded the kids up and we headed to my parents. It only went downhill from here. Once at my parents Jason kept aggravating Kaylyn...and the thing is he didnt even hide it. He kept snatching things away from her or picking at her and it was drving me crazy. Granted Kaylyn could have used a nap but there wasnt time so of course she was very whiny! Kevin and his cousin Randy had went to play golf that afternoon. Randy is 17 and he lives in GA with his mom...he usually comes to visit a week or so in the summer. He got here on Wednesday and asked Kevin to take him golfing. Jason refused to go so they went that afternoon and I was left with the kids. After golfing Kevin and Randy were going to meet me at my parents so we could go and have dinner. By the time Kevin got there I was fed UP with Jason and told Kevin to deal with that same moment Kaylyn came out of the house (we were outside by the way) crying saying Jason pushed her down. Kaylyn stayed outside with me and my parents, Randy and a neighbor. We were talking about something...I dont really remember. Kevin went inside to talk to Jason.

Kevin found him in the living room. He said he could tell that he was mad. So Kevin walked up to him and went to put his hand on his shoulder to talk to him. Well Jason with one hand pushed Kevin's hand away and with the other hand took a swing at Kevin. (I was shocked). Kevin said he ducked and ended up pushing Jason down on the couch and told him he should never hit at him. That there is something seriously wrong when a child tries to hit a parent. He told him his behavior was unacceptable and that is was time for him to grow up. Whether Jason likes it or not Kaylyn is his sister and will always be. That he needs to learn to share and to act like he is 15. He told Jason that if he didnt straighten up that we were going to take him home...which is where I think he would much rather be. They had a lenghty talk and then Kevin left him inside to cool off. Apparently Jason called his mom as soon as Kevin walked out of the hosue...he told her that Kevin had hit him and that we were being mean and he wanted to come home. He must not have liked her response because he hung up on her and then ignored all of her phone calls for most of the night.

Shorlty after that we left Kaylyn with my parents (she was staying with them that night) and took Jason and Randy to dinner. We went for favorite. Jason seemed fine through dinner...he was even participating in some of the conversation. I noticed he kept looking down at his phone but would never answer it. Right before our food came Kevin got a call from Crisitn...see we didnt even know Jason had called her. So Kevin went outside and told her the "truth" and what all actually happened. He told her that while Jason is here that he is going to respect ME (his wife) and the rest of the family. He is not going to raise a hand to ANYBODY. They had a long conversation about his behavior recently...apparently its been declining since school ended. We also found out that he pushed his mom down the week before he came over here...Kevin got on to him for that too. He told him that even though him and his mom are not together anymore he will NOT tolerate him laying one finger on his mom. After dinner everything seemed back to normal. I think Kevin got through to him and hopefully we will see better behavior within the next week or so.

Also, yesterday I made Kevin go take his knives away. He has a small collection of knives and brought 2 of them over here. I am totally concerned that if he is made mad enough that he could hurt someone and I dont want that to be Kaylyn. She is MY daughter so I will protect her first and foremost. Jason was not happy but he gave them up without a fight. Kevin told him that he would get them back when he took him home in August.

So that was my weekend...tell me about yours!



Aunt of 14

Hi girl! :) I am glad things got better... I am wondering if Jason is bored. You said it declined when school ended. Do you think maybe Kevin and him can go camping or something alone for male bonding time?


I woulda kicked his butt

A Recovering Over Eater

Glad things got better!


I'm glad it got better too. I wouldn't have handled that too well myself. =) Hope your week is better than your weekend.


something for you on my blog!


I hope everything worked out ok! I'll keep your family in my prayers!

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Hope everything is going well! I wanted to let you know that we now have an official Operation Fat Blaster Headquarters!!

I thought it would be best to have a separate site for our challenge - a one-stop shop that everyone can access and contribute to. It's really going to be as awesome as we make it, and it's open to anyone that wishes to join.

Please check it out here:

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Hope to see you over there in a bit!


Sneaky Momma

So here you are!!!!! I've been wondering why you haven't posted in awhile. Didn't even think to check your OTHER blog. :)
What a tough situation. Sounds like you are moving in the right direction as far as discipline goes. Hang in there. :(

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