Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crime and Punishment

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Nikki did a post on some of her childhood crimes and I thought I would join in.

First of all I am the oldest and I have a brother that is 18 months younger than me. Needless to say we were close in age but not with each other. Looking back I had a wonderful brother...he always looked out for me EVEN if it meant him taking the fall...and he did several times.

I vaguley remember something to do with the dishwasher...whatever it was I broke it. I dont remember how but I know that I did it...not Justin. Well you could always hear my dad coming because his ankles always popped (some motorcyle accident or something...he had pins put in his ankles) and here he came. I looked at Justin and him at me...I knew that I was fixing to get it. We scrambled out of the kitchen and into the living room like everything was fine. It wasnt because right out of the gate my dad noticed it...his first response "Who did it?"

I was gearing up for it...because I knew that I would get a spanking because we were told "Do not play in the kitchen!" He came in and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath...letting it out slowly and getting ready to confess. Before I could Justin said he did it. I looked at him like he was crazy...knowing a spanking was involved. Why would he take a spanking for me? He didnt look at me...he took his spanking and I sat there. Of course I felt bad...but I justified my actions with "Well I didnt tell him to confess!" He knew what he was getting into and apparently didnt care because he did confess.

Needless to say as I got older I had guilt about that...actually not long ago (seriously) we were sitting at the table and I brought that up. Justin said he didnt remember it...but I did. My dad didnt really remember either. I told my parents what Justin had confessed to something he didnt do. They looked at me and then at him. There was complete silience. All that guilt came rushing back and I did feel horrible. I apologized to him and so did my dad. My dad felt really bad spanking the wrong child!

Like Nikki I have several that comes to mind...but this is the one that stuck out.




Nice brother! Too bad he didn't remember it to hold it over your head even more for years!

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