Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Yes a Spider

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
I was bitten by a spider or at least that's what the doctor told me. No, I didnt see it or feel it so I really dont know exactly when it happened. I noticed Friday at work that there was a place on my left leg that was hurting. So I raised my pant leg up and it looked like a little pimple. I thought maybe it was an infected hair or something, I really didnt think much of it. Well Saturday it was really hurting. I took another look at it and it was huge!! Big red cirlce with a little black dot in the middle. Great...I wonder what this could be! Still it really didnt alarm me. Then on Sunday it was even bigger! I got to pressing around on it and it was a big huge knot. If you have a weak stomach...exit now. Well I am wondering if I could release some of the pressure so I try and pop it like a pimple. Sure enough some puss & blood came oozing out. I got out all I could and put some antibiotic cream & a band aid on it. Later that night it was hurting worse so I figured might as well go to the dr...I do need my leg lol! So Monday afternoon I go and see the Dr. Yup, she confirmed it. It was a spider bite. She said that since I drained most of it on Sunday she wasnt going to cut it open and try and drain it anymore (Thank you God, I surely would have passed out). I didnt get away too clean though...I did get a big steroid shot in the butt along with some antibiotic pills & a cream prescription. Yea me! I was bitten by a spider, have no clue when & WHERE it happened. Not to mention the Dr informed me that 90% of all spider bites occur in the BED!! Can you beleive that?

Well the hubby had to work all night last night so me and K had the house to ourselves. I watched some shows on TV and then put K to bed. I realized I am pumped! I have this rush of energy and couldnt sit still. I want to clean. My only problem was that my house was pretty clean because I my hubby cleaned it from top to bottom over the weekend because we had someone coming to look at it. Keep in mind I had that steroid shot so I was going to bed no time soon. I did however wash my sheets and inspected my bed for unwanted critters. I didnt find any...not sure if that was good or bad though. After that I blog stalked surfed the web for several hours and then I think I finally passed out around 2:30 am. Gee 3 hrs of sleep...I have to get up at 5:30am. Well at least I will sleep good tonight (hopefully)!!!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged

I am so glad to say I have never been bitten by a spider. Creepy little things. Yuck.
I *love* when I get a chance to blog stalk- I love getting a chance to see what others are blogging about


I know that spider bite routine all to well. They seem to love me for some reason and they do it quite often!!!!

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