Friday, January 30, 2009

January 30

Friday, January 30, 2009
I had sort of an eventful day. Kaylyn has been sick so I didnt work all day either. For breakfast I flew on by passed up McDonald's. This is an accomplishment in itself because today was pay day so I usually stop. So Yay Me! I didnt stop. What I did have was a packet of oatmeal (which was 110 calories). For lunch I had grilled chicken with wild rice with a sweet tea. For supper I had a subway cold cut combo on wheat. Having subway was a huge struggle. Kaylyn and Kevin wanted McDonald's (lets face it, I dont cook on Fridays) so I asked to swing by Subway (which is right beside McDonald's) and he sort of had a problem with that. He assumed I was having McDonald's and he was going to have Backyard Burger and he didnt want to now make 3 stops. I told him nicely firmly that I didnt care how many stops he had to make I wasnt eating McDonald's or Backyard Burger. In the end, Kaylyn had McDonald's and WE had Subway (ha ha).

Water...something that I dont consume alot of. My very bad habit is sweet tea. I can and will drink that all day long. I do drink soda's but I much prefer sweet tea. Because of the amt of sweet tea I do consume I know I have to make a change. I am going to start drinking only water with the exception of 1 (and only 1) sweet tea a day. I feel that if I completely give up sweet tea I wont stick to just drinking water. So as of today I have consumed 3 bottles of water (I think its like 16oz per bottle). So not too bad for day 1 on water, and yes I had sweet tea for lunch. So tell me do you drink alot of water?



Drinking water is VERY important in general, but EXTREMELY important in weightloss!
I also was addicted to sweet tea! I am not sure how you feel about artificial sweetners, but I started making decaf unsweet tea and adding sweet n low (no calories)! It's practically like drinking water, but with some sweetness! HTH!


I do drink a lot of water. But I also drink soda and Iced tea. Not diet. I not sure how I feel about artificial sweetners, but I suffer from depression and some studies show a link between depression and aspartame. Not that is the reason I don't drink it, I just like regular better. But I do realize the importance of drinking water for weight loss, good for you to have a plan like that.

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