Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why is it

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
So why is it that when you are laying in bed thinking about all the exercises you need to do you get all pumped up and think I can do this! Why is that? Because the next day when you are suppose to "start" this new routine you were so pumped up last night just thinking about it and now you have no energy for today. So of course you push it back and then this becomes a normal nightly routine.

Last night I was thinking, "Boy I really need to go to the gym!" I mean I only pay $30.00 a month for a gym membership that I havent even been to since like Sept. or Oct!! I know what a waste of money right? I have to get into the mind set of that I can do it. I can...I can!! I know that if I make time for it then it will come more naturally and hopefully will become a routine. I need a routine. I had originally planned on going to the gym at like 5am and workout till like 6:30 (which in my mind is a good workout) and then go to work. At night there really is not time for me to go, so that is why I really want to do the early morning thing. Now I just have to get off my butt actually, back because I am sleeping and do it! Just do it!


the smiling fat girl

oh alicia, i so get ya!! i do the same thing. the end of the day comes and i have these great ideas... hey, i think my spotlight you in my blog. you inspire me. thanks.


Hi, Alicia
This is a great idea to blog about your process.
I LOVE it!
And you can do it because you are worth it!
I am in the process of losing weight too. I started Feb. 2008 failed and started again June 2008 and I'm still going. Another connection I found with you is that my daughter's name is Kaelin. :)

I am about half way to my weight loss goal and just wanted to share with you something that has really helped me: !
It's a free site that I use to log my water in-take, food/calories and fitness.
It is such a motivational tool for me.

You can check out some of my blogs and page too here:


~ Salina


you can do it!!

This is something I've been batteling with for the last 10 years. I am FINALLY on the right track...I hope. But, it sure isn't easy.


Its SO true and know that you are NOT the only one!


I am in the same boat. I could be writing your blog. On the other hand I am not ready to tackle my weight problem right not. I have been down the diet road so many times. This is not a point in my life to try it again. But I support your efforts, and love reading your blog. You can do it!!!

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