Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mom...I wanna a???

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Kaylyn and I were driving to church tonight and she informed me she wanted a (and I quote) "leotarget." I said a what?? I want a leotarget mom!!! What is that I asked. Well Julia has one and so does Hanna and Bella and they always wear it to gymnastics (ahhh, and the light bulb comes on). Oh you mean a leotard I asked. Her answer: know what I mean. Really she is 4. Too cute!!!

Speaking of her being 4. Well tomorrow is her Birthday. I am kind of depressed. She is getting so big and doesnt really rely that much on me. Maybe I need to have another one (dont tell my hubby)! For being 4 she says the weirdest thing.

Also on our way to church tonight she asked me that when she turns 5 will her voice change. I said no and asked her why she was asking. She said Jason's voice changed and wanted to know when hers was going to. I had to inform her that her's will not change like Jason's.

***Let me fill you in on Jason. Jason is my stepson who will be 15 in February. Enough said there. His voice did change dramatically over the summer. He is becoming a man. Now if I could get him to take a shower we would be doing good. He actually lives with his mom in Atlanta so we get him once a month and all during the summer.


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