Friday, January 30, 2009

Doing some better

Friday, January 30, 2009
Kaylyn is doing some better. She isnt coughing as much as she was this morning or even last night. However, I found that Kevin wasnt giving her enough medicine so that could have been part of the problem today. Per the prescription bottle it says "Give Kaylyn 2 teaspoonfuls once a day". I guess Kevin didnt see the 2 because he has been giving her 1. So I gave her another this afternoon (she will probably be up all night). I love my husband but sometimes he doesnt pay attention. That's ok because Mommy caught the mistake.

Since I have been home with her (I left work around 2) she has been fine. She has been watching movies and playing the Wii. I put her down for a nap in hopes of me getting one too since we were up most of the night last night. I dont think she ever went to sleep but I sure did!

I have given her a bath and washed her hair. She is watching Shrek right now and soon, very soon we are getting ready to go to bed. Good Night:)


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