Friday, January 16, 2009

Hooter's Girl

Friday, January 16, 2009
Where of all places would you take your 5 yr old for her Birthday lunch? Well mine wanted to go to Hooter's!! Yes...Hooter's. We often go there and she loves all the attention from the "girls" and of course loves their wings!! I hear they have good wings! LOL!! They put her on top of the table and made her dance while they sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Here are some pics we took.


Courtney and the Boys

Oh my goodness. I just popped over here from Mandy's blog, and I am dying laughing! This is hilarious! How funny that she chose Hooter's! She obviously had fun....look at that adorable face! :)



We've taken our children to Hooters as well (they do have good food and good kids meals), and we have gotten some very unusual and judgmental looks for doing so. I applaud you for letting your little girl go to Hooters if she wanted to eat there for her bday.


How funny, I've heard (only from men)they have great hot wings too! Looks like she had a great time:)

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