Thursday, January 29, 2009

Milos for Lunch

Thursday, January 29, 2009
Come you think I had Milo's for lunch?

It sure sounds good though. Well around here (at work) when it's lunch time we all start shouting out what we want. It looks like Milo's won today. So here I am thinking...well if I have Milo's it wont be that bad right? Probably not but then I really got to thinking about posting Milo's for my lunch. I could not have Milo's and tell you about it. So being the nice person that I am I volunteered to go smell this fattening food pick up the food for everyone. I decided I wasnt going to have Milo's, no not me (really!). I picked everyone's food up (it smelled great of course) and then I went by and got me a salad. Yes a salad! I was the oddball out with the salad. It was a Chef salad with light italian dressing. It was good and I think much better for me than the Milo's. The Milo's would have went straight to my butt and thighs! Anway that's what I had for lunch.

Breakfast this morning I had half of a banana. It was turning black/brown so I though I would eat it before it went bad. I only could get down half of it. It already went bad lol! So I then popped in some sugarless gum (thanks Brandy)! When I actually got to work one of my coworkers was having some grits. She made too much so she made me I had like half a cup of that too.

So this is so far what I have had today. I really need to exercise too. That is coming. I am going to incorporate it into my of these days!


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