Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kaylyn...You are my Sunshine!

Saturday, January 3, 2009
I wanted to inform everyone on how I got my blog name. Within the last couple of months Kaylyn has wanted me to sing her a lullaby (that just isnt me) but I have been. One night she spent the night over at my in-laws because I had to be at work early & so did Kev. Well the next night she said she had a new lullaby that she wanted to sing me. So I told her go for it. She sang "You are my Sunshine, My only Sunshine" and so on. It was so cute to hear a 4yr old sing that. And she loves it now. We sing it everynight before she goes to bed.

She loves it so much that we were sitting in Church one day and some of the Children were singing songs they knew. Well Kaylyn is not shy at all and she begged me to let her sing. Well being the Mom that I am not wanting to mess up the flow I told her "No, maybe next time." That wasnt good enough for her so she went to Nina (my mom) and told her she wanted to sing. Nina (who cant say "No") talked to the choir director and they invited her right up on stage. I thought she might freak out and not go through with it but she did it! She stood up there in front of everyone and sang "You are my Sunshine" and at the end she got a standing ovation. I was so proud of her because I could never have done that...not even at 4! She definatley is my Sunshine!!


Mandy and Jack

That's so sweet! Sounds like you've got yourself a super-star!

I love that song too, because when we were dating, Jack was singing that to me, and when it came to the "you make me happy, when skies are gray," he forgot the words and sang "you make me happy...when I am sad!" It ended up not rhyming at all but of course now that's how we always sing it. I think I like it better the "wrong" way. :)

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