Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordful Wednesday's!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This picture is of my dad and Kaylyn. I took it on Sunday. I think it is amazing at what my daughter can get away with. Me and my brother would beg my dad to ride the four-wheeler on the weekend (we were not allowed to ride it by ourselves) but he would never give in. Kaylyn asks and obviously she gets what she wants (right then too). She has him wrapped tightly around her finger!

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It's funny what a little girl can do to a popaw isn't it? I was that way with mine and now my girls have him wrapped. Hey, I was just thinking that you look familiar. Do you live around Pell City?


It's like the saying, if mom and dad say no go ask the grandparents! They always turn to mush and give in. My dad lets my kids get away with murder. Drives me nuts!

Aunt Julie

What a sweet snap...thanks for sharing!

Simply AnonyMom

That is a sweet pic. You can tell she is grandpa's girl!


She is so cute!!! That's so husband tells me all the time that if/when we have a granddaughter she will be spoiled rotten! LoL He wanted a little girl pretty bad, so I feel bad for whichever boy has a daughter!


Cute picture of Kaylyn and her daddy, my girls are the exact same way with their daddy they have him wrapped around their little finger!!! I guess that's what little girls are supposed to do, right?


Men do soften as they get older, and a granddaugther brings out the softness extra fast!

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