Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Old Friend

Sunday, March 29, 2009
Before I go any further I want everyone to know that with this post I do not mean to step on anyone's toes. This is merely how I feel and I mean no harm to anyone of my readers.

I found out this morning that an old friend on mine died last night. Actually she committed suicide. She was only 21. She had her whole life to live but instead took the easy way out. Why, I do not know. Only God knows. I do know that she did leave a note but I really dont feel that will ever be circulated around. I recently heard that she has been in some trouble but I honestly cant tell you the last time I have seen her so I am not the one to judge. I grew up with her. She lived two houses down for at least 15 years of our lives. But I do not understand why she would do this. But that is all I have to say...I just dont understand it.


ben and erin

so sorry to hear of this. it's sad to think that people can get to a point in their life when it seems to them that there is no other option. since christmas there have been 2 people that i know of that committed suicide. i know that when something like this happens people can start having thoughts of guilt like what if i would've spent more time with him or what if i would've been in contact with her? but don't let satan fill your mind with discouraging thoughts. tonight i'll be praying God's peace on you and on the family of this girl. what a horrible thing to go through.


I'm sorry for the loss of your Friend, Alicia.


I'm sorry Alicia.


Alicia -
We aren't ment to understand the whys...It has taken me a very long time to accept this...I do believe everyone put in your path is there for a specific reason. Once they are out of your path, it is up to you to figure out why they were there in the first place...Though as you know I tried it (and failed), suicide is never the answer no matter how bad we think we are doing in life. I am sorry for your friend...I am sorry for your hurt and you know where I am if you need anything. (((hugs)))



I'm so sorry to hear this. Suicide is not something anyone understands, no matter the excuse that is given. I hope that her family can be comforted in this time of loss. :(

the smiling fat girl

Alicia, so sorry to hear of your friend. I can only imagine how difficult that must be.

May God fill you with His peace and bring you comfort.

In my thoughts today,


I am sorry you have to go though this. My sister tried to commit suicide last year. She thank God did not succeed but for us that love her it is a hard place to be. It has been over a year and we still have anger about it. Not to mention just not understanding and sadness. Suicide is a very difficult topic, I am truly sorry you have to deal with this on top of losing a friend. My God help you and her family find some peace.


Wow...I am SO sorry to hear this.
God Bless her poor family.
The one and ONLY thing I "get" about suicide is that they must have been suffering IMMENSELY to do such an action - and you are right, only God knows TRULY why.
Again - so sorry!!!

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