Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Yes, its that time again. Not Me Monday! This was started by MckMama as a wonderful way to tell everyone all the things she/you did NOT do. It is the best therapy there is...and its free!! Hop on over to MckMama's to see what her and everyone else did NOT do this past week, of course after you read mine:)!

I did NOT have to wait two extra days before my daughter came home from Georgia! She did NOT have to stay 2 extra days for unforeseen reasons and I did NOT miss her at all. Nope NOT me!

I did NOT have to shove feed my mom a Hershey Chocolate Bar because her sugar dropped so low that she passed out. No NOT me, my mom takes care of her diabetes and is the best about watching it! And it did NOT scare me to death!

I did NOT catch the flu from who knows where, end up going to the doctor and did not get 2 shots in the rear! I did NOT have to go home from work early in order to go to the doctors appt and I did NOT miss 2 more days of work!! NOT Me!

I did NOT lay in bed and watch movies until 2:30 yesterday before I really got up. I am a mature adult that gets up at a decent time every morning!

I did NOT only have Taco Bell yesterday for lunch and nothing else! Taco Bell of all things!

Kaylyn did NOT stay Friday & Saturday night with my parents because I was NOT sick! I did NOT feel guilty because she was gone from home the previous weekend and now this weekend too!

It did NOT snow here in Alabama yesterday! It nevers snows in Alabama so surely it did NOT snow yesterday!

Well that's all I can remember for this week. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!



I didn't realize you lived in Alabama!!! Cool. I live in Georgia & was SO shocked to see the snow flurries we had.

My MiL (mother in law) has diabetes and she doesn't monitor hers does get scarey. I hope your Mom is ok.


OMG! What a scare you must have had with your mom. I hope you're feeling better today. And it's okay to stay in bed until 2:30pm as long as there's something good on TV. :)


we have some commanalities we both miss our kids and eat at taco bells


Oh, I can't imagine being apart from your daughter for two hope that you are feeling better! Great not-me's.


Thanks for your prayers! Loved the Not Me's. It surely did snow in Alabama yesterday, just not in Gadsden, Alabama. I didn't see any =(. Hope you and your Mom are both better. Have a great week =)


I love your daughters name my granddaughters name is katelynn


Glad you are feeling better. I love Taco Bell (as sad as it sounds).

The Masked Mommy

Haha! I keep wanting to do a "not me monday". Maybe next week. And hey, you can get some good stuff at Taco Bell on that fresco menu! ;-) Low in WW points! (well, maybe not low, but reasonable at least)


I want to stay in bed until 2:30 watching movies (I have my list already) and eat Taco Bell. Sometimes it pays to be sick. Hope you're feeling better.--crashed in from Sits.


Omgah! I missed doing a Not Me! Monday while I was gone. I decided against taking my laptop with me when I left because I was afraid it would get bounced around too much in the storage compartment of the bus. I missed it so bad, lol.

I didn't know you lived in Alabama! I do too! That's pretty neat. There was snow everywhere when you left for the Beta trip.

And about the water spout- that was taken at my dad's farm. He uses it everyday, lol. He is such a hillbilly!

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