Monday, March 9, 2009

No sleep tonight

Monday, March 9, 2009
I think it is something about Sunday nights and that is why I dont sleep. Or it could be that I slept till 12:30 this afternoon! I think it was around 10:30 when we went to bed last night. I ended up taking some of my asthma medicine that how a drosiness effect. I slept really good last night. My mom called around 8:30am and wanted to take Kaylyn to church. I said sure. That would give me a chance to go back to bed (as if I really needed too). So she came and got Kaylyn and I did go back to bed. I ended up waking up a couple of times but was so lazy that I just went back to sleep again. My mom called me around 12:30 to ask me something so she is the one that actually got me out of bed. I wonder what time I would have slept to if she hadnt called? Anyway, I scarfed down a bowl of cereal and headed down to my parents. I got their and found my daughter outside waiting on the ice cream man. I went inside to find my brother's girlfriend. I really like her. I hope things work out for them.

Anway, after the ice cream man came we ate our ice cream and chit chatted with each other. Then we ran to Wal-mart to pick up a few things for supper. After we got back since it was such a beautful day I decided to go wash my car. Not me personally washing it...a drive through car wash. It was kind of neat (keep in mind that it doesnt take much to amuse me). This one was new and all you had to do was drive up to it and put the car in Neutral and it did the rest. It led you through. It kind of freaked me out though because it was in total control...not me. Once you get through they have a vacuuming section that was free. I vacuumed out my car and it turned out pretty good. You know it's dirty when you take it for a tire rotate & balance and the guy there comments on its dirtyness. Yes, I know its dirty thank for pointing it out you jerk! But I do have to say the carwash did really well. My car looks so clean!

After that we came home & had supper. My brother got home from work so we ate as a family. Shortly after that I had to leave. Kaylyn is staying with my MIL tonight because of Kevin's work schedule so I had to run by the house and get her backpack & other junk that she "has" to have. I dropped her off with my MIL and came on home. Of course it's Sunday night so 2 of my shows come on tonight. Desperate Housewives & Brothers & Sisters. I love those shows. I had them DVR'd so I got to fast forward all the commercials. Anyways, here I am close to 1am and I am not in the bed yet. I guess I am just not that tired. But I am fixing to head off to bed:) At least try and get some sleep.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!



Its the darn 'spring forward' I tell ya! I didn't want to sleep last night and I darn sure didn't want to wake up this morning! I'm all backwards. lol

Btw, we have one of those GOO GOO Car Washes, or whatever its called. It is so neat. I was like you and sorta freaked about that thing being in control. My baby is absolutely terrified of any car wash so I have to go through when he's not with me, which isn't often, so my car is DIIIRTY! lol


I love the "automatic" car washes AND Brothers & Sisters!!!! (Haven't watched it yet....LOL.)


Hi Alicia...

I am going to agree with Jenn(ifer) and say it is the time change...Even when we fall back, I still have trouble sleeping that 1st night. I hope you get some restful sleep tonight :o)

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