Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quick Update

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hi everyone! I havent forgotten about the giveaway. Kaylyn and Kevin have both been sick and I think I am getting it now! I will post the winner hopefully tomorrow night. Sorry for the delay ladies! But I promise I will post it soon!

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I'm coming over from Blog Stalkers Unite, asking for your help. I am in the running for a round trip airfare paid ticket to Connecticut, to meet a friend I became acquainted with through blogging. She is a super fun person and is holding this contest. I entered a funny story titled "Grapejuice Floaties, Now Marry Me." The person whose story receives the most votes will win a trip to meet this generous lady, whom I'm hoping to meet. The voting ends tonight I believe. I am ahead for now but there is a story coming up from behind out of nowhere and I would so, so, appreciate your help. Her blog is and the voting is on the sidebar on the right. "Grapejuice, Floaties" Just go there and cast a vote for me, please. Thanks so much-you're awesome! ♥


I hope everyone feels better!


Aww, its alright. I hope you all feel better. I've come down with a YUCKY cold. Gotta love the springtime allergies :(


oh no not AGAIN!

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