Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am feeling better!

Sunday, March 1, 2009
I am feeling so much better! Today is the first day I have really been out of bed and wow! My throat is great! My neck & back that was killing me is fine and for the most part my headache has gone away. I have been fever free since Friday night! Thank you for all the kind words & get well soons!

I am getting ready to do a contest. I wanted to get some of your suggestions on what you would like to win (within reason of course lol). More than likely it will be a gift card of some sorts. Do you like Starbucks, Target, Victoria Secret or whatever. I will hear your suggestions for the next couple days and probably post the Contest by Friday. Sound good? All right now dont forget to leave me your suggestions!



I'm SO glad you're feeling better. Remember to STILL take it easy. You'll get tired fast, even still.

Ohhh a contest! Fun! I never win anything so even to win a darn roll of toliet paper would be cool with me! LMAO J/K Gift Cards are a good idea for anyone I think. :)


I am happy to hear you are feeling better! I got the flu for the 1st time last year and everything including my eyebrows hurt...I NEVER want to get that again!

I agree with the above poster...Toilet paper is good for me :o)

the smiling fat girl

i'm so glad you're feeling better!! yea!! sooo glad, alicia!

um.. while it would be fun to win TP and all.. I think it would be terribly exciting to win a Victoria's Secret gift card. I could use some new lingerie. ;)

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