Monday, March 9, 2009

Trip to the ER

Monday, March 9, 2009
Well it all started when I got a call from my MIL. She called me about 3:45 and wanted to tell me that Kaylyn was having trouble breathing. Kaylyn got on the phone and talked to me for a few mins. She told me she wanted me to take her to the doctor. She never asks to go to the doctor so I really thought she was sick. So I go on home. Once I got there she was struggling for air...not bad but she was. My MIL also told me that a few mins before I got there that Kaylyn was balled up on the couch complaining of her stomach hurting. She went to the bathroom but didnt have to go. She said that lasted about 10 maybe 15 mins. After that passed she was fine. Anyway she was having some trouble breathing so I decided to take her to the ER. It was close to 5 so the doctors were already closed.

I get to the ER and let them know that she is having trouble breathing so they take her own back. They said that her O2 level was down so she was definately not getting enough air. She was also wheezing. The doctor came in after a little while and listened to her. He told us that he was going to have her do a breathing treatment and see how she sounds afterwards. After he left the room (of course) she doubled over again and started complaining of her stomach. She was telling me it hurt so bad. She was crying. After a few mins the nurse came in to administer the breathing treatment. I told her about her stomach and she said she would tell the doctor. After a few more mins Kaylyn was fine. No pain and she was up running around the room. She did the breathing treatment and that lasted about 20mins or so. The nurse came back in and tried to give her some liquid steroids. Well Kaylyn has a gag reflex to where if she doesnt like it she will make herself gag and it comes back up. So of course she didnt like this medicine and up it came. Not to sound selfish but my new laptop was in front of her so that she could watch The Little Mermaid. As she starts to throw up I dont want it all over my computer so I catch it all in my hand. Sorry if that is too much. I was able to move the laptop over with my elbow so it was in the clear. However, Kaylyn kept throwing up & throwing up. I thought she was never going to stop. Kevin brought in some clothes we had in the car. She put on the new pants but we didnt have a shirt so she just wore a jacket. After that the doctor came in he listened to her and said that she was 100% better. No wheezing and that her airways were opened up all the way. He said that she is ready to go home. I asked for her diagnosis. He said that he wasnt going to her diagnos her with asthma. I have that myself so I really have been concerned. He said that she had an upper respiratory infection. That is where her cough is coming from which in return was making her wheeze. I asked if she needed to take the steroids that they tried to give her. He said no...that since she cleared up with just one breathing treatment then she would be just fine without it. So we gathered everything and and left.

Since it was about 8:30 I decided I am not cooking so we thought we would go by and grab something quick at Full Moon BBQ. We ordered and sat down and waited for our food. Kaylyn sipped on her sprite . After a few mins she started complaining of her stomach hurting again. Shortly after our food came. I fixed her ketchup for her fries. She was laying down in the booth beside me. I was rubbing her back and seeing if she wanted anything to eat. She said no her stomach was hurting too bad to eat. I knew she was sick because Kaylyn does not pass up french fries. So I started eating and kept rubbing her back. She closed her eyes and somewhat (I think) went to sleep. After a minute or two I looked over at her and she was lying on her back but at the same time she was throwing up again. I turned her head so that she wouldnt choke and it went all over her and then all over me. She sat up in the booth and kept throwing up. After a minute or so she started dry heaving. I really felt bad for her but also the guy that was eating in the booth behind us. She wouldnt stop so we decided to just leave so everyone didnt have to hear or see her throwing up. As I was getting her out of the boothe the guy behind me asked if she was ok. I quickly explained that she had been sick but we thought she was over it (obviously not) and I kept apologizing to him. Thank you God that he was very nice about it and said that all that mattered was that she was ok. I still feel a little bad that he had to witness this while he was eating.

We got her home with no throw up in the car (I am very happy about this) and got her in the tub. Gave her a bath and washed her hair. After that she seemed to be fine. She played and played. I gave her very little gingerale because I didnt know if it would stay down. It did and after a little while she went to bed. She slept great.

She is doing much better. She got up asking for something to eat. I fixed her some biscuits and she ate them and drank some gingerale and seemed to be fine. I did keep her out of school which means I stayed home from work (as if I minded lol!). She has been playing all morning and hasnt vomitted yet. I am hoping she is in the clear. She still has the cough but I am hoping it will get better soon.

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Ohhh man! Not a perfectly good reason to miss work!! Seriously though, sorry she is sick. I hope she gets to feeling better soon! Good luck!


How's she been doing since? That's just too weird.


OH my what an ordeal! How is she doing now?? Poor thing!

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