Friday, March 20, 2009

Aloha Friday

Friday, March 20, 2009

ALOHA! Friday

Its that time again. Its Friday and in Hawaii they like to take it easy...that is why Kailani from An Island Life likes to take it easy on the blogging as well. Its simple! You ask a question that requires a simple answer. If you'd like to participate, jump on over to Kailani's blog and play along as well.

My question is:

If you have a child(ren) where do they sit in your car?

I have an SUV which has side airbags so my daughter sits on one of the sides. However, my dad keeps on insisting she should sit in the middle. My fear of her sitting in the middle is that IF we were to have an accident there could be the possiblility of her flying through the window. At least if she is on the sides the front seats will stop her and hopefully if we are hit in the side the airbags will protect her. Just wondering your thoughts on this:)

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backseat behind the passenger seat! When he was a tiny baby, he sat in the middle.


i dont have children,but happy friday.


Our two sons (14 and 11 y/o) sit in the back of our minivan on each side, we have no middle seat in the second row. I think the backseat in the middle is as safe as the side seat as long as you have a seatbelt on. I was an ER nurse for quite awhile and it all depends on where the impact occurs re.injury. Good for you for being so safety conscious!

A Psych Mommy

He's still in the infant car seat--he sits in the back middle

~3 Sides of Crazy~

YAY! no more little ones!


My daughter (almost 8) has always sat behind the passenger seat. I have the same fear of the middle seat and I like being able to glance back and get a good view of her. Happy Friday!


back seat in the middle strapped firmly into his car seat.


I have two & it depends on whose in the van. My son is 5 ft 6 so when it's just us, he rides in the front passenger seat otherwise he sits behind the driver. My daughter is 6 & is still in a booster seat. She sits behind the front passenger.


I have 3 and have a Montero Sport. My backseat is full of boys! LoL I make my oldest sit in the middle b/c the two youngest will drive me insane sitting next to one another, plus they are still in booster seats.


We have one 2 year old son right now (and another baby on the way). Our son sits in the backseat in his car seat on the passenger side.


I have two... My oldest (7 1/2) sits behind the drivers seat. My youngest (1 1/2) sits behind the passenger seat. I don't have the middle seat fear, but it's too hard to buckle my oldest of my youngest is in the middle. Have a great weekend!!!!


Will you help me... again? I am trying to add The Secret Is In The Sauce button... and of course I can't figure out where to paste it? grief!


Surprise Surprise...I have 2...Neither ride at the same time anymore it seems however I noramlly have my little one (He is 5) with me and he is in a booster seat behind the passenger side seat. If my oldest graces me with his presence (He is 13) he sits in the front. :o)


Marlee is in an infant seat, and in the back in the middle.

But once she gets older (and in a front facing seat) she will probably sit on the sides...


We have two kids and another on the way. They both sit in the middle row. We actually went out and bought a van that seat eight so that when baby number three comes along we can put all three in the middle row. :)


I have one kid on each side in the middle row of my SUV.
One sits behind driver seat and one behind passenger.

Lisa C.

We have a van and each girl sits in the captain chairs..

Mighty M

I have 2 children and they both sit in carseats in the back seat, leaving a teeny amount of space for a skinny person to sit between them if they so dare!


I have 2 children that sit in their respective carseats in the back seat on either side. Actually, we have a mini van with bucket seats in the center aisle, so there is no other choice!

Kari @ A Giveaway Addicted Mommy

We have a 3 row SUV. The two little ones sit in the middle row on the left and right so they don't try to kill each other there must be a space between them. The big kid gets the whole last row to himself though he has to use the hatchback as his door... We look the sight. Let me tell you.


Our kids were bigger before we had a vehicle with side airbags so I don't know the details of that situation. But, I am picky about where they sit and they don't sit in the front seat until they are at least 12.


My kids sit in the back seat. I have two boys, one in a booster seat and one in a car seat. Their is not room in the middle and like you I have always had that fear of them going through the windshield or something coming through the windshield and hitting them.

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