Thursday, March 12, 2009


Thursday, March 12, 2009
My bloggy friend Serenity blogged 20 things about herself. Like her I dont know much about all my bloggy friends so this is a good way to find out. So after you read my 20 things go post 20 things about yourself on your blog. It can be anything you want to put about yourself. Comeback and comment and let me know so I can go read yours! Happy Reading!
  1. I am addicted to TV. I have several shows that I have to watch. They are DVR'd so that if I cant be home to see them I can watch them later. My favorite shows are Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practive, Brothers & Sisters Big Brother (comes on in the summer), and now American Idol.
  2. I wear socks 24/7 (I change them twice a day) because I am allergic to the carpet in my house. How crazy is that? If I dont wear socks and walk on the carpet the bottom of my feet break out in blisters (sorry if that is TMI).
  3. I spend way too much time on the computer.
  4. I love all sweets...I have the biggest sweet tooth there is!
  5. I gained close to 70lbs when I was pregnant. I honestly thought I could lose it with no problems
  6. I hate cooking, cleaning, & doing laundry. Thank God that I married a wonderful man that doesnt mind doing it. I do help out every now & again so he doesnt do it "all."
  7. I work for an audio, visual company that sales & installs any/all audio/visual equipment. I do the processing of all orders...I surf the net in my spare time.
  8. I got married when I was 20 and had Kaylyn when I turned 21.
  9. I started college when I was 16 in a special program...however, I have yet to get my degree.
  10. I had to cancel my debit card yesterday because some internet scam got my number and has been taking money from my account...not happy about this!
  11. I am very self conscious about my weight and the way I look since I have gained all this weight.
  12. I cant stand it when someone wispers in my ear...I dont know why but I hate it. However, recently Kaylyn has been into telling my ear! I let her do it because she doesnt understand.
  13. I love going to the gym but I never can find the time to really does bother me too!
  14. I lucked up and got a great set of inlaws! I love my MIL...we talk at least once a day!
  15. Before Kaylyn was born we bought a pack of diapers everytime we went to walmart. Needless to say we didnt have to buy diapers until she was 15mos old!
  16. I love the Spring time but its doesnt like me! I have really bad allergies so I suffer very badly!
  17. I knew Kevin 2 years before we even started dating. I liked him but he was seeing someone and I was also seeing someone. Finally we ended up single around the same time and we have been together ever since! We will be married for 6 yrs in May!
  18. I have crazy neighbors! The other night they got into a huge fight and the woman beat up the man...sorry but I am not getting involved. I really think they are crazy!
  19. Our home has been up for sale for 2 mos now and we have had alot of inquiries but nothing seems to pan out. Hopefully soon things will work out!
  20. I love blog is my newest hobby!
Whew! I thought I would never get to 20! Hope you like!



Loved your 20. I have a wonderful MIL, too. I feel very blessed, as I know so many people struggle in this area. By the way, I wouldn't get involved either. Sounds like an episode of COPS ;)


Hey new blog friend! Your little girl is too cute! Wow, i can't believe you gained 70lb when you were pregnant! I gained 35lbs and I was okay with it but still have some to loose. But all my gf who were expecting as well gained 15 to 17lbs. What the hell?


My poor sister gained 85lbs when she was pregnant w/ my neice. She was so miserable. She had a c-section and has not been able to get that weight off. Its been so hard on her.

That was a great idea w/ buying a pack of diapers everytime u went to walmart! I bet it was nice not to have to buy any for so long.

Btw, I love spring but my allergies suck. Right now everything is yellow here from Pollen & we're all sneezing & sniffling.


I did a similar post not long ago. Go here and tell me what you think!


Whispering...Don't like it either...It has to be the whole idea of someone that close inside my "bubble"! Love your 20!!


I'm coming over from SITS. This is an awesome list.

I also love sweets. Mmm. In fact, I'm currently munching on chocolate now.


Loved it! I just posted one too! If your wondering why I am just now doing this, it's because I am just now gettig a chance to catch up on my blog stalking, lol. I'm still working on that three page to do list, that is now about seven pages long.


Great list!! Great way to "get to know you" better!

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