Friday, March 6, 2009

Aloha Friday

Friday, March 6, 2009

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. You can play along too. Just be sure to stop by Kailani's

My question this week is:

What is one of your crazy/silly fears?

I am certifiable crazy if you havent realized this yet! One of my crazy fears is that I cant stand stopping on a bridge that is over water. I want to keep on going! It completely freaks me out!The bridge fear hits me the other way too. I absolutely hate sitting up under a bridge in traffic. I know...I know. It's crazy!

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Liza's Eyeview

opsss, I lost my long comment. Oh well - here's the short answer: "DOGS". Funny, that's my topic for Aloha Friday at



Oh my gosh! I have about a million of these! I have the bridge fear too... and fish... any sort of transportation (cars, planes, boats's etc.)... I am petrified to go on a cruise...

East Coast Wahine

I'm not a strong swimmer in the ocean, which is why I no longer body I'm afraid that I'll get bit by sharks! *L*


I wear flip flops in the house 'cause I'm terrified that I'll step on a scorpion or centipede!


I am afraid of Spiders.


I have so many. LOL Spiders, Heights, Flying, snakes.


Saw your comment on blog stalkers and came by to say hi. I don't like the stopping on a bridge either:)

The Social Frog

Fear of flying, I have always had that fear, but I do it anyways. Take a lot of prep though and I can't eat for like a few days ahead, yeah...I'm nuts,lol.


For some reason I have always had the fear of a home invasion. Not sure why, just always been a fear of mine.


over-the-top fear of birds. no rhyme or reason for it.

just stopping by from Blogstalkers. have a great one!


i'm terrified of bees.

when i was little, we tried to get rid of a hive outside my window. all the bees came into my room through a hole in the floorboards and died all over my room. i woke up covered in bees and found them in my room for weeks afterwards.

they've freaked me out ever since


biggest fear is being stuck in a tunnel or under a bridge way in my area. i hate it!


small spaces, earthquakes, tornados, floods LOL

Halftime Lessons

Im scared to death of propane canisters...just about pee myself every time I have to change ours. Im CONVINCED one is gonna blow up in my face one day.


I have a lot of fears!! I share your fear about being suspended over water on a bridge. I remember once there was an accident a few feet in front of us, which left us on the bridge for about 30 minutes and I thought I was gonna totally lose it!!

I fear spiders, insects that buzz, the dark, monsters in my closet (I watch too many thrillers apparently), heights, anything painful (childbirth was scary as hell)...I'm a huge wimp, what can I say?


I have a huge fear that someone is going to take one of my kids. Now that they are getting older it is getting better, but if we go anywhere in public I don't let them out of my sight for even a second. My husband gets soooo mad at me, but I don't care It's just my fear, and i can't help it. Oh yea another one of my fears is that I might swallow a needle, I know I'm coo coo!!!!


Roaches. I absolutely can't handle them even though I know I'm bigger than they are.

Aunt of 14

Onions! I refuse to eat anything that has onions in it. ANYTHING. Even if I tell a waiter please no onions, and they forget... I know I can just take the onions off myself and go ahead with my meal but NO. I can still "taste" the onion because I *KNEW* it was there a min ago. *shudders*

Aunt of 14

Oh, one more!!! I LOVE the ocean. I LOVE watching it, feeling it... being with the ocean. But I refuse to ride in a row boat or a small boat craft of any kind. I can't see through the ocean water, so I don't know what is under there!!!


Bridges just freak me out Just driving over them gives me anxiety..eeeek! So no you aren't crazy - unless we BOTH are...HAHA!

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