Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beautiful Day

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
It is such a pretty day outside. I didnt go to work today because Kaylyn has been sick. To read about that see this post. It's suppose to be close to 80 degrees today. I took this picture earlier.

If you can read it from the glare but it was 70degrees this morning when I went to grab some breakfast. I love this kind of weather. Kevin is even outside cutting the grass. I wish Kaylyn was feeling better because I would love to take her to the park or something. She is such an outside girl. Well how is the weather where you are?



It looks pretty out there but I really can't say because I am stuck inside taking care of highly.funtioning.software.application, lol.

I hope Kaylyn feels better soon. And yes, her internet was down. ;)


It is 70 degrees right now (Florida) and it has been beautiful all day. I to hope Kaylyn is feeling better.


Here in Vermont we are stuck between winter and mud season. We did get a couple more inches of snow, but it has been so warm that under it is mud. This time for year is pretty yucky. Trying to keep the kids and dog out of the mud it pretty hard when it is everywhere.


I'm just up the road from you, so I enjoyed the same beautiful day as you =) It was gorgeous today. I would love for it to stay this way. The eldest daughter had a softball game today, and it was wonderful to sit outside with the soft breeze blowing. Hope Kaylyn is better soon.

The Masked Mommy

So I'm visiting my parents in South Carolina right now, and the weather is beautiful... however vacationing is awful for my diet! I feel like I can't control anything that goes into my mouth! At this point, I'm not even trying to continue loosing weight... I'm just praying that I haven't gained any!

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