Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

Monday, March 2, 2009
So yesterday it snowed here in Sweet Home Alabama. This is something we truly never see. Since I was sick for the last park of last week my wonderful parents kept Kaylyn all weekend. Of course she was there when it snowed so I missed all of this. However, it did snow last year so I didnt miss her first snow! Anyway, I was kind of upset that I did miss this but my thoughtful dad got some great pictures! I am so happy that they though to get these pics.

This is Kaylyn the second time she came out. The first her hands got really cold. The remedy: my dad's socks!

My little "Snow Angel!"

My dad & Kaylyn.
**Their neighbor took this...I wish he would have zoomed in!
probably didnt know how to use the camera lol!

Kaylyn & the neighbor

My parents house in the snow.

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Ohh... I'm sorry you missed it. But she looks like she is having a blast! Thank goodness for good grandparents! I hope you are feeling better. PS - I uploaded pics IN a post! Thanks!


We don't see snow here in Texas either. Although I have memories of putting those big ole tube socks on my hands when I was a kiddo! Looks like ya'll had lots of fun!

KC Mom

Fun in the snow! Thanks for visiting my blog today. :)


I love snow days and snow day pictures, I would have posted about the snow day too, only I'm sick as a dog and didn't go out to take any pics of my guys playing in the snow :(

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