Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wii Fit

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Sorry its kind of late but I had to get this post done tonight. Let me say that so far I am loving my Wii Fit. This is the second night I have done it and I am whooped. I have been doing it 30 mins a night and man am I sweating! I am still learning my way around it but its going well. Last night I set up my Mii profile that I will use on the Wii fit. If you have a Wii you will understand this and if not I will try and explain it to the best of my ability. In the Wii world you have a Mii character. This Mii is you and you will use this character every time you play the Wii.

This is my Mii character that I set up several weeks ago when we first got the Wii. This is the character that I would play whenever I would play bowling or tennis with Kaylyn. Please note how skinny my chick is. Very flattering I thought!

Well with the Wii Fit they do a body test. The board actually weighs which I think is very neat. It checks your weight and does your BMI. Well the character above I carried over onto the Wii Fit. However, now that I have weighed and done all of the tests, check out my chick now:

Ok, you can stop laughing! Man I cant even get out of being fat on a darn game lol! Anyway with all the measurements it takes it adds it to you Mii and that is now what I look like in the virtual world! Speaking typing of the virtual world...after all the little tests it performs it also gives you a virtual age. Well I will go ahead and remind you that I am 26. You wanna know what my virtual age is? I shouldnt tell you...but I will. My virutal age on the Wii Fit is 46!!! Can you believe that? I cant! Get off the floor! I know you are rolling on the floor laughing at me...yeah dont worry I am laughing too!

Well, I think that is all I wanted to make you laugh tell you so I got to head to the shower! Hope you all have a good night!



Those darn sophisticated new game systems, lol.

loosing in 2009

LOL!!! that is so funny. I'm going to take a picture of my Mii too and post it!!! Mine is exactly the same. Cute and thin normally, but on wii fit I'm fat too. So, is my husband. Don't you also love when you step on the wii board and it goes "oohhhh!!" like it's saying get the hell off you are kiling me. I thought that was a little insulting too!!! BTW, I'm 37 and my wii fit age has been as high as 47. I also love how you set a goal and it keeps you reminded of your goal. My current goal is set for Friday. I need to loose 2.5 pounds to reach it. I don't think I'll make it, but I'm gonna try. Thanks for the laugh this morning!!! have a great day.

loosing in 2009

Man...this thing erased my comment. I'll try again. That is so funny. I'm going to post a picture of my mii on my blog too!!!! I'm fat as well. Also, do you love how when you step on the board the wii goes "ooohhhh" like its saying get the hell of your killing me?? I thought that was insulting too. Thanks for the laugh this morning ....this was funny.


oh Wii Fit. love... and hate...the wii fit.

hopping over from SITS. :) have a great day.


I know, I hate weighing myself and watching my Mii get fat. Stinks.


LOL...Now that was a good laugh...Can't wait to get mine! My Mii is cute on the regualr Wii however I can imagine what she will look like on the Wii Fit!Have an excellent day.


LOL!! That is TOO freakin funny!
maybe I DON'T want one...haha!!


LMBO! I can't believe that it changed your little Mii person, haha. I didn't know it would do that. But on the upside, now as you loose weight, you can see it on your TV! How cool is that. You keep up the good work.

Eighty MPH Mom

I am totally rolling on the floor laughing..how did you now? That is hilarious. I may have to rethink buying the Wii fit now...I don't like to be insulted LOL. Thanks for the knee slapping laugh - it felt good!


I especially love how sometimes when you step on the board it will say "Oh!" like you're squishing it or something... Ugh.


Dang, how'd you get so many followers? you didn't have that many the other day did you? unless I'm just now noticing that stuff. Oh well, send some my way!

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