Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
So I was wondering...who out there watches American Idol? I have been....and I must say that I really like Scott MacIntyre. I think its because I really want him to suceed even though he has a handicap. I really like him. That is who I am voting for. Yes, he is safe too!

Tonight though Jasmine was voted off. The judges didnt save her either. I really didnt think they would. She is so young she can still come back and try it again. I did feel bad for her though. the bottom now is Anoop and Jorge. I really want Anoop to stay. I think he has a great voice but just didnt pick a good song last night. We will see.

Who is going home:
Whoop, Whoop for Anoop. He is staying!



I'm not quite sure who my favorite one is yet..but I like a few of the guys. I'm glad Jorge and Jasmine went home tonight; I didn't really like either of them.


I voted for Scott, Danny, and the rocker girl with the redish hair that is 16...oh I forogt her name. Scott really touches my heart, has since day 1. I'm really hoping he does a Coldplay song at some point because I think he could pull it off. I've heard a lot of people ask how he would be able to pull of the cheesy dance sequences that AI makes them perform the further you get into the show. I think He can do anything! :)

loosing in 2009

I love American Idol....I like the guy with the glasses, Danny (I think is his name) I also like the blone with the long hair. I don't think she will make it to the end, but I think she has a quirky kind of voice.

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