Monday, March 23, 2009

My job

Monday, March 23, 2009
I just know all of you are wondering what I do all day right? It is killing you to know just what it is that I call work. Lucky for you I am going to tell you!

I work for an Audio/Visual company. We sell & install all types of Audio/Visual gear for churches, schools, and your high-end businesses. For example if you were to walk into a boardroom in any business we would be the one that installed the projector, screen and other audio equipment. I am not going to give away the company I work for because you just never know. It is a very big company...we pretty much have one office in every state and we even work internationally. Because of the economy we have laid off about 50 people but they are saying (for now anyway) that my job is safe. It should be! I am the only one that comes into the office Mon-Fri 8-5! We have a sales person that gets to work for home (wish I could do that but I dont know much about sales) so he hardly ever is in the office. We have 3 techs that do all of the installs. Because they do all the installs they are rarely in the office either. However, we come to my General Manager K (again I am not giving out too much info so we will call her "K" for now). She is the best manager there is! She usually rolls in around 9 and is always very leniant. She always tells me not to tell her when I am going to be late unless its after 9 when she actually gets in! But I try not to be late anyway. Most of the time its just me & her in the office unless she has to travel for meetings or whatever. Unlike most people I actually like my job...except the drive. More on that later!

Anyway, I do all of the ordering & receiving of all equipment. So I will spell it out for you: I sit behind a desk all day. We do have the internet except everything is coming through on a server so everything is watched. There are certain websites (myspace & facebook) that are blocked so I cannot access them. Good thing blogger isnt!!! But today K left early and she told me I could get on her computer and do whatever (translation= get on Facebook). See I have a desktop computer and everyone else gets a laptop (they travel, I dont). So they have a wireless card and another router set up so they can get all the blocked websites (sigh). So when she leaves (I have her password, another perk of being "tight" with the boss) I get on her computer and do some surfing! So that is what I am doing. I have been on FB for the last hour and thought I would do a post and then hopefully I can head out a little early and miss some of that traffic.

I work an hour away from home. Not by choice really but I need a job and nobody else is really hiring. Besides, like I said about I love my job. I live south of Birmingham, so in the mornings everyone(including me) is heading to Birmingham to go to work. I have to leave my house by 6:30am to be at work by 8:00. If I leave any later I am normally late. And its pretty much the same at night. I normally get off at 5 so I usaually am home around 6:30. But hopefully I can leave today at 4:30 and miss some of the traffic.

Sorry for the long post. Just thought you migh be interested...not really! I understand lol! Hope you have a great night!



You aren't to far from me...I am in the panhandle of FL :o) I to have to leave early as well due to Spring Breakers (grrr)...I know they are good for the economy but dang they are messy!


OH by any chance do you listen to Rick & Bubba in the morning???

ben and erin

how nice to have a job you love with a good boss! sucks about the drive though. YUCK!


We are practically neighbors girl! You are blessed to love your job, I love mine too. I hate you have to drive that far, thankfully I am only about 7 minutes from home. =)

Belle's Blog

A good boss is always important... sometimes we have to make a bit of a drive where the work is ! Have a great week!


I never would've guessed Alabama. My site meter always says Tampa when you've been on. Yes, I'm always watching!


Oh I remember those days when I had to fight traffic in the morning. Since my last child I decided to stay at home, and I sure don't miss the traffic!!!!! Have a great day!!


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Thanks for visiting my blog! Your little girl is so cute!


OH wow..we are CLOSE! I live in Atlanta!
sucky drive...I give you props for being able to do that each day. My brother back home in AZ commuted like that EVERY day from Tucson to Phoenix and it can wear on a person. BUT at least you have a great job that you love, that makes all the difference!!

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