Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blogging Question

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Ok, ladies. I have a question. I havent quite figured this out and so I am going to drop my pride and ask you:)!

I have noticed that when I comment on someone's page and possibly ask them a question that they can email me the response. How do I do that? I cant figure that out. I know its right there but I cant put my finger on it! I have had several people comment on my page and ask a question but I never know how to respond other than posting another comment on my page or their's and they might not notice. Anyways...if you can shed some light on that I would greatly appreciate it!

I will see ya'll tonight. I have an update on the Wii Fit! Stay tuned!



LOL...How annoying is this? After the comment I just got from the Beading Aunt, I was wondering the same thing and I haven't figured it out either and I HATE leaving my email address in a comment form just because someone wants to email me instead of commenting! If you figure it out, please let me know!

loosing in 2009

The only thing I have noticed is that on some people's Complete Profile page, they put a link with their email address. Mine has a link, so people can personally email me, but most people don't seem to have an email linked, so it does get a little frustrating trying to contact them.


Not sure if this helps, but here what I do...

I get a comment. I go to my email (I have it set to email me when I get one)then I click on the link of the person it is from inside my email. That takes me to their blogger profile at which point I usually see an email link. Then of course I just click that link which opens up my email software and I can email them back. And save the email address if I need to.

Not sure if that is what you were asking or not, lol. My brain shut down several hours ago due to my workload today. I will come back and read this again a little later and make sure I read it right, lol. If not I will post an ammendment comment. Have a good afternoon!


Alicia - Check your email at gmail :o)


Thank you for asking that. I, too, have wondered the same thing =)


I think it depends on their settings. If they set their email address to being private, I don't think you can email them directly, I think it comes up "noreply" as their address. I may be wrong. I can respond to some people and not others.


I have wondered the same thing!!!!!!!!!! I guess I need to ask my two friends who do it. LOL

ben and erin

first of all you have to comments emailed to you. then the rest of it does depends on the person's email settings... if you go to blogger.com and sign in it will take you to your dashboard. on the left hand side by your profile picture click on "edit profile." the third line down says "show my email address." if the box next to that is checked then when you leave your comment and it gets emailed to the blog author and they will be able to see your email address and reply directly to you. if you don't have it checked, the reply address will be something like noreply@blogger.com. some people choose not to have their email address shown, but i think most people don't know!

so, alicia, in your email you should be able to see that the reply address is benanderinkern(at)gmail(dot)com. can you reply to me so that i can email you back? i've been looking for you for a couple weeks, and finally found you tonight!

thanks, erin

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