Saturday, April 18, 2009


Saturday, April 18, 2009
Well here we are 1 more day until we leave. Let me tell you I really dont want to go. I kind of like it down here...well all except the screaming & immature teenagers. It's somebody's Spring Break so of course there are teenagers galore! They are all screaming "show me your "ta ta's" and what not at all the girls walking down the street. Then there are 10 guys in the back of the truck riding down the strip yelling obscenties at the girls in skimpy suits. Next week its "Bike Week" so to an extent I am glad we are leaving when we are. Here is a little account of what all we have done.

We spent most of the day at the pool. We took a break to walk along the beach which was fun. But Kaylyn has really become a pool person. She would rather be at the pool than the beach...which I understand because I am not a big fan of having sand in my...well areas! The water was freezing to me at pool and beach. But Kaylyn didnt mind it at all. As long as she had some other kids to play with she was fine.

Of course we spent alot of time at the pool again. I am burnt to a crisp. I was telling Serenity earlier that I look like a lobster. I would take a picture but I dont want to scare you lol! I tell you what my boobs hurt so bad...I burnt them up too! After some time at the pool we went to the mall here. I am not a big shopper but I loved their mall. It's huge! They have so many shops here that we dont have at home. However, I stuck to my favorite store JCPenny's. I bought a couple of tops there and Kaylyn another Princess bathing suit. For supper we had Hooter's. Let me tell you my burnt "Hooter's" felt right at home there! It was right on the beach so there were alot of people in bathing suits & swim trunks (I was fully dressed). It was good though. After dinner we headed over to Craig's house (Kevin's old manger buddy), he is the one letting us stay in 1 of his condo's while we are down here. He has a beautiful house...I just cant explain it but its gorgeous!

We slept in today...surprisingly. We got up around 11 and headed out for lunch. We had McDonald's (ugh!). Wasnt my favorite but it was quick & easy. We came back and of course where did we go...yup! Back to the pool! But it was very windy today. It was in the high 70's but very windy. Kaylyn hopped right in the pool but I was cold. For the first 30mins I layed in the chair with my towel over me. Yes I did! I wouldnt let Kevin take a picture but I was freezing (because of the sunburn). We didnt stay too long at the pool, I think Kaylyn finally realized how cold it was. So we came back and Kev had a headache so he decided to lay down. I surfed the web & watched tv while Kaylyn played on the patio. She had her towel & all her dolls out there. They had a tea party. It was too cute! She even had some snacks & drink out there for her & her dolls!

After the "Tea Party" we headed out to hit some shops and then for dinner. I didnt really find anything at the shops (good thing I really didnt want to spend anymore money). We decided on Applebee's for dinner. It seemed somewhat busy but we were hungry. We were sat immediately and a waitress came to take our drink order. She took a little bit to bring them out to us but we thought nothng about it. When she did bring out drinks we went ahead and ordered our appetizer and meal. After about 10 mins the waitress came by and said "Let me check on your appetizer" and off she went. The table sat beside us and a different waitress waited on them. Same thing happened at the table across from us. After another 15mins we still didnt have our appetizer (monzerella cheese sticks) but the two table that just sat had theirs and were almost through with theirs. Kevin and I noticed that the table directly behind us were griping about something. It seemed the waitress (same one as ours) put the wrong order in for them. So she had to take their food back in & put the correct order in. Needless to say we still didnt have our cheesesticks. So when another waitress walked by we asked to see a manager. A very nice man came up and asked if there was a problem. We said yes (in a very nice way, we were actually very nice about it). We explained what had gone on that we had sat there for over 30 mins without our appetizer our drinks were empty and we hadnt seen our waitress in over 15 mins. We said we hated to complain but if nobody brings this to their attention they will never know they have a problem. He agreed (very nicely) and then apologized. He told us he would get us a new waitress and that our meal would be on the house. We insisted that wasnt necessary but he insisted. Within 1 min we had our appetizer and then within the next 5 mins we had our meal. I checked our meal out for spit lol and didnt see any but our new waitress definately had more experience than the first. Come to find out the table directly behind us complained to and then another table as well. They ended up sending the poor girl home. That was not my intentions...I did feel bad but the manager insisted that she was costing more money than she was bringing in. The manager came back over as we were finishing and asked how everything was & apologized again. Even though we got a free meal I still felt back for the girl but we did leave our new waitress a good tip. They pulled her from behind the bar. But the meal was good and so was she so she deserved it.

But that is it for the night... we are getting ready to head to bed. Tomorrow we plan on spending some time at the beach (yay! sand in my who ha!) so I will get some good pics and hopefully be able to post tomorrow night! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


ben and erin

haha... i love the applebee's story! although i would've felt really bad too! glad you're having a good time!


I had to snicker when you said something about sand in your who ha and then said you'll hopefully be able to get some good pics! I hope the pics aren't of the places sand can be found!


Sounds like your having a good time!

Aunt of 14

Hi!!! :) If I had to choose, I would swim in a pool and not in the ocean. I love the ocean... to WATCH... but I like being able to see where my feet are going! :) I'm glad you had a great time...


And that is why I stay out of the beach...I only walk it...No sand in my who ha either!


Glad to see you had a good time. We were in Gulf Shores. It was cold there too off and on.
Loved the tea party pictures. She is adoreable. I love their imaginations.

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