Friday, April 10, 2009

Aloha Friday

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's favorite day! Kailani at An Island Life created Aloha Friday in hopes of taking it easy on the blogging, as they take it easy on Friday in Hawaii. All you have to do is answer the question with a simple answer. If you want to play along, you just head over to Kailani's blog, link to Mr. Linky, and answer her question...then do the same on your blog. Great way to make new BF (Blog Friends).

My question for the week: What kind (brand) of makeup do you wear?

I wear Cover Girl but lately I think it is really bothering my skin. I am thinking about switching to Mary Kay.

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I try them all right now its sheer cover or bare escentuals I have a new love for mineral makeup! Where has it been all my life lol


I do like Mary Kay but right now I am using Merle Norman..

Auntie E

Marykay, I have been using marykay for 39 years. I did use some others during that time but always came back to marykay. Now I have been sell it for 10 years. I still like it.


For the most part I wear whatever I get free/cheap at CVS or Walgreens. My eyeshadow is always Clinique though.


I use Bare Escentuals Mineral Makeup, and I love it. I've tried all kinds, and I will never go back to liquid makeup now that I've tried mineral. It's the best!


Oh i have all sorts of skin issues, so when I find something that doesn't bother me, I use it religously.

I use Neutrogena foundation (the one that is supposed to help with acne) or Maybelline Mineral Powder (which is SO awesome b/c its light and you don't feel like you're wearing anything).

I love rimmel eye make up too.

I tried Mary Kay a long time ago, and it worked well.

Jennifer Leigh

I love Almay. I have skin issues and its the only one that doesn't bother it! Come on over and link up!


I used to wear the liquid makeup until my sister introduced me to Bare Minerals.. I will never ever go back to liquid again.. If you have a Costco near you they have a Bare Minerals Brand there..and its half the cost and it works wonders!


I use and sell Mary Kay. I love it!

If you don't have a consultant and want one feel free to go to my website...

Have a great day! Oh and I will send you samples of things if you want to try something before you buy long as I have one here! :)


I love Mary Kay! I use it and sell it!

If you don't have a consultant I would love to send you some samples!

Feel free to go to my website!


Oh sorry I was waiting for it to pop up...and I didn't see that you aprove them...sorry! :)


I only wear eyeshadow & mascara occasionally but I wear physicians formula.

East Coast Wahine

I like maybelline for foundation and Aveda for lipstick.


I use a little bit of everything--MAC, Clinique, Mary Kay. . .


I used to use only Clinique, then I moved to Avon and now using Covergirl that I got for free at CVS.


I don't really wear makeup these days. But when I did it was bare minerals. I really liked it.


I am a Bare Minerals girl :)

Queen Mama

I really use a lot of everything. I can't use cheap powder, its like $15 a piece and my lip gloss come from Mary Kay. But eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, blush, etc, wherever I can get it!

Hit 40

I use a little of everything. Liking bare escentials right now. For moisturizer - oil of olay or hope in a bottle by philosophy. Good luck!


I wear Clinique makeup.




i used to wear clinique but now i'm a bobbi brown girl


I don't really wear makeup and never have other than special occasions. I don't like the feel of makeup on my face but then I haven't tried any of the mineral makeups which look like they would be lighter.


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OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique

I'm an older "Diva" - LOL! I use Oil of Olay Moisturizer with a hint of color in it - love it!! The only "expensive" cosmetic that I use is a Lancome eyeliner pencil in a blue/black color - the older you get, less is better as far as foundation - too many women think they should use more, and it just makes their complexion look OLDER. more wrinkled, etc.! I use the Victoria's Secret blush that has like 5 different colors in it and apply with brush - it's wonderful - very light and I always get lots of compliments on my face??? Happy Easter to all!


I also use a little of everything. I love Arbonne, but haven't had the extra money to splurge lately. Right now I'm using Cover Girl Tru Essentials foundation and loose powder, Almay eyeshadow, Cover Girl eyeliner and an off brand for blush. I also like Avon, just need to find a new Avon lady. I'm going to start doing these Aloha Fridays...hope you don't mind me stealing it!


I am cheap so most of the time it is Cover Girl.

Aunt of 14

Oh, Make up is like my achielles heel! Is that spelled right? Well, you get my meaning. I have skin issues too... I can't wear a lot of stuff. Right now, I'm obsessed with Max Factor liquid foundation because it does not irritate my skin one bit and MaX Factor mascara because it doesn't make me want to rub my eyes so much. I also like Almay, but they keep changing their stuff so I get lost with keeping up. I can't even wear eyeshadow because no matter what precautions I take. my eyeshadows keep rubbing off on my upper lids... and eyeliners just make my eyes run. So, its just foundation and mascara for me!

Sneaky Momma

I have tried EVERYTHING on my skin and the only thing that I can wear is Almay. :)

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