Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Egg Fun

Sunday, April 5, 2009
Yesterday we gathered at my MIL house to dye Easter eggs with Kaylyn and Jason (if he wanted to help). Jason is here for a week because its his Spring Break. Anyway, my MIL will be leaving for FL tomorrow to go and see her other son & the rest of the family. Not sure if I ever mention this but my hubby is originally from Miami...technically Hollywood, FL. He moved up here with his parents about yrs ago. Every Easter my MIL will head down to FL to spend a little over a week with the family. With that said she has never had an Easter with Kaylyn. Of course now Kaylyn is 5 so she is at the fun age with hiding Easter Effs and what not. So we decided to do eggs yesterday and we had some fun. Kaylyn had a blast and only dropped 1 egg. Here are some pics:

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aw, pretty eggs :) We WERE going to do Easter TODAY but IT RAINED....AGAIN!!! I'll be out of town next week on Easter, so I am really sad to miss Easter with my boys :(


They look great!


Damn...I am not going to get my "Mother of the Week" award again LOL...Did I miss Easter all-together??? I see the signs all around me at the W (otherwise known as Wal-Mart) however pastels make me queasy so I avoid that aisle haha!Kaylyns' eggs are beautiful!!


:) I left YOU something on my Blog :)



We'll be dying eggs Saturday.


Looks like you girls had a blast! LadyBug couldn't wait to do eggs, so we did some glitter eggs Sunday afternoon and they ate them before the glitter was completely dry!! I was just like, why did we bother! but then I remembered how much fun we had so it was worth the mess.

Aunt of 14

That looks like fun! I haven't colored eggs in YEARS... Hmmm... (plan forming in my head)

Hit 40

Very cute! I haven't dyed eggs in years. I have 2 boys. Boys are not crafty. Your daughter is adorable!!!!

Sneaky Momma

We're dying eggs at our house, too!
We have to share my MIL when it comes time to trick or treat. :)

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