Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here a Chick, there a Chick...

Thursday, April 23, 2009
After the Art show (here) and the Gymnastics show (here) we went down to my parents. We havent seen then since before we left for the beach. Well my dad informs me that he has a little surprise for Kaylyn. She has been begging him to get her a he did. He got her 2 little chicks that he is keeping in a pet carrier with food & water and a light bulb for heat. Kaylyn thought it was the coolest thing ever! She named the brown chick Ariel (can you tell what Disney movie is her favorite right now?) and the black one Elayna (not sure where this came from).

Papa John (my dad) telling Kaylyn about her surprise

Ariel & Elayna

Sorry about the cage view but we couldnt keep it open because they wanted out! But arent they cute? However, they are staying at my parents house because I am not adding anything else to worry about right now lol!

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They are very cute :)


I love her expression when she was being told about her surprise! That is geniuine happiness.


I love any baby animal! She looked so happy when he told her...Like she couldn't contain her excitement.

Aunt of 14

Look at the THRILL on K's face!!! Absolutely priceless! I love that!! :)

Sneaky Momma

The best pets are the ones that live at someone else's house! :)

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