Monday, April 6, 2009

I feel Extra Special!

Monday, April 6, 2009 shouldnt have:) Ace, Serenity, and Jenn(ifer) gave me this award today. Please give me a minute while I come down from my high lol! I feel so loved!

Anyway, I have some rules I have to follow.

1. Link back to Ace, Serenity, and Jenn(ifer). You should check out their blogs...I look for them to post every day!

2. List 7 things you love

3. Link to 7 blogs and then let them know

Here are 7 things I love:
  1. Family-I love my family (most all outside my immediate family). We are a crazy bunch but I love all of them (this includes my parents and in-laws)
  2. Job-I love my job, not a lot of people can say that but I can. I love it so much that I drive over 50 miles to and from a day.
  3. Blogging-I have come obsessed with blogging and reading other people's blog. So much that I pretty much dont even work anymore at the job I love lol!
  4. Starbucks-I love a Venti White Chocolate Mocha...yes it is as fattening as it sounds. Because it is I try to only treat myself to one a week.
  5. Beach-I love the beach. I dont get to go often but I love it. Which reminds me if I havent told you yet. We will be going to Panama City on 4/16-4/20. We cant wait!
  6. TV- There are certain TV shows that I can not live without. For instance: Desperate Housewives, Brother's & Sister's, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, American Idol, and Big Brother. These shows are always DVR'd at all times lol!
  7. Blog Friends-I love all of you! You are always there when I need a kind word or good laugh. I feel so connected with so many of you! Thank you!
Now for my lucky 7...please know that since there are several of us in a blog circle but I want to give it back to those that gave it to me. I think you are all wonderful!

  1. Ace
  2. Serenity
  3. Jenni(fer)
  4. Amber
  5. Tinika
  6. Erin
  7. The Fat Girl Smiles



Yay... again!

I also love me a white choc mocha from starbucks. It's all I ever get!


O my gah! You really shouldn't have. I am so going to get the big head!

Kuddos to you for another award! And a big thanks for thinking of me! Shucks. Blushing. ;)

And have fun in PC!


Thanks so much Alicia! You are going to give me a big head as well haha! I hope you have a wonderful day!

the smiling fat girl

Alica, you're a sweetie!! Thanks for thinking of me!!

I love your "what I love" list.


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