Monday, April 20, 2009

For Serenity

Monday, April 20, 2009
Dear Serenity,

This is your BF Alicia and I wanted to let you know how much you mean to me! I talk to you at least once every day and I look forward to our conversations. Whether its about the weather or about our life in general. I want you to know that I dont know what you are going through but do know I am here for you. I do not know you in "real" life but I feel so close to you in this blogosphere. I am here for you as well are a bunch of our other BF's.

While in Panama City I was driving down the road thinking of you. Up ahead was this very pretty sign and the color caught my eye. It was a very pretty blue. As I got closer I realized what it said:

Serenity...what a pretty name. In my mind it was a sign to ME saying you would be ok. Of course I didnt have my camera on me and my cell phone doesnt take great pics. On the way out today I made Kevin stop in the middle of the road and I took the picture. I had to take it several times because the inconsiderate people couldnt see that I was trying to take a picture in the middle of the road and kept zooming by!! The least they could have done is stop!

Serenity, you will be ok. Just a few more days until your appt. We will be here with you!

Your BF,


Aunt of 14

You are so sweet, Alicia. Serenity is going to really appreciate this!


You're so sweet!


You are such a sweetheart!!


Love the sign, Alicia. Too sweet. How rude are people? Could they NOT see you were taking an important picture for our BF, Serenity?? The nerve of some people. =)


AWWW Alicia...You make me misty damnit! I wish I had come to your blog before I started working but what an ending to a crappy work day! Thank you so much my friend...You already know how I feel about you and I won't get sappy here but I truly appreciate your kind heart, your wonderful friendship and I am thankful you have entered my life at this time. Told you the tourists were rude LOL! Please give Kevin a squeeze and thank him for stopping! ((((HUGS))))

Aunt of 14

Hey Alicia, I miss you. To answer your question (no I didn't ignore you or forget, just busy like heck) my niece is still where she was. My sister in law won't talk about it and my brother just tells me to send a card, but I am not getting any info on HER. Oh well. No news is good news, I hope?


I tagged you today :o)

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