Friday, April 3, 2009

Several Post in One

Friday, April 3, 2009
I have been behind on posting on this blog so I hope you dont mind but I am doing one big post from the last week.

First we have the little doggie that my husband rescued...somewhat. He was outside doing whatever he does outside and calls me from out there. He said bring me some water in a bowl and a towel. So I walk outside with the water and towel and there he is with this dog:

So being the nice person that my hubby is he looks on the tag and calls the owner. The owner did not pick up at first so he left a message. After a few mins the owner calls back. Kevin lets him know that we have the dog. He asks if there is another one. We said no just one. He said well we are at the Mall so we will be home shortly. FYI: The Mall is 15 mins away...20 mins tops. Well we entertained this dog for almost 2 hrs. We dont have a fence so we couldnt just put him up and he was so dirty so no way was he going in my house. So we all played with him outside to keep him in our yard.


Next we have all the storms that have been coming through. Personally, I am sick of the rain. I know Jenn(ifer) is too. Serenity has been getting some rain too! Well I captured some of the clouds...some were really pretty and some were dark.


Monday was my mom's birthday. She turned 51! Not that she would like me to tell you all. Kaylyn got to blow out her candles and enjoyed some cake! Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!


And for today. Kaylyn had a field trip to Sanpeggio's Pizza. Everyone got to make their own pizza. I think all the kids had a great time. Even I did. Kaylyn made this yummy pizza (below) and didnt even eat it. Most parents wish their kids would eat something besides pizza but I wish my child would at least eat pizza!!

Sorry for the long post. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

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How sweet of you all to take care of that dog. Weird that his owners weren't in more of a rush to come get him.

Your mom looks great for 51!

Have a great weekend!


Ditto on the pizza wishes! My Kaylin won't eat it either!


That was nice of you to take care of the dog. I would have done the same.

And that cake looks delicious. Yum. I'm a big fan of cake.


Cute cake!!

I wonder why that dog was so dingey - do they ever bathe the poor thing!!
Glad you were there to take care of it.

You're little girl is just too cute!

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