Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pool Fun

Thursday, April 16, 2009
We woke up this morning around 9 and the first place Kaylyn wanted to go to was the Pool. So off to the pool we went. It wasnt too my opinion the water was very cold! But Kaylyn braved it. She got in and swam for a little over an hour all by herself. Here are a couple of pics that I got while we were at the pool today!

Daddy putting on her floaties!

Isnt she so cute with her gogles on? Note her whole attire the Easter Bunny gave her in her Easter Basket!

Kicking across the pool on her kickboard!

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I can't believe it's warm enough to SWIM where you are! You lucky duck!


Rub it in...Sitting in the office wishing I was outside by a pool!


fun!! Wish I was there!

Aunt of 14

I remember while I was growing up how much I used to LOVE swimming. This brings back memories!


My daughter would be SOO jealous to see that right now!! Kaylyn is just too cute!! How fun for her!!!


I'm jealous of your weather.

It's currently snowing over here.


I can't wait for pool weather, it's still freezing over here. Kaylyn is too cute

Sneaky Momma

What fun! That water looks so cool and inviting. :)

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