Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A good Laugh

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Earlier today my bf (blog friend) Serenity posted a very funny post. I laughed so hard I was crying...literally! I love funny posts so every now & again I try and put one up. I am going to tell you a conversation from last night between my hubby and me...I even found some good pics to go along with it!

Sorry if I give you TMI.

So lately our budget has been a little tight lately as with most people. So Kevin has been telling me that I have to stop spending money on stuff we dont need. I really dont have a shopping problem but every now & again I will splurge on something I dont need. Well like most men my hubby prefers me to wear something like these...
However, I would prefer something like this (I mostly wear these)...

and he freaks out when I wear these (comes in handy when I havent done the laundry)...

However, I think its time to buy some more panties. So I told my hubby that I need more...his response: "Sure, if you by these

Ok ladies, we dont ever talk about things like this so I hope I didnt offend anyone. This just sounded funny in my head so I thought I would share.

And for one more laugh...I know you were all picturing my bum in a thong...yes this is probably what you were thinking!!!

If you thought this was funny head on over to Serenity's to see her post here.


ben and erin

haha! that was great. no wonder you thought samantha's bra picture was a pair of thongs...! i think if husbands want us to wear that they should have a string flossing their butt all day long too! :-)


Ha! Sounds just like superman! I prefer cute and comfy and he prefers wedgie producing naughty stuff. Not my style. I hate feeling like I have to dig at my underwear all day!


Uncomfortable panties=another Man-ism, no doubt, lol. Great post. Too funny. Serenity's was great, too! =)

the smiling fat girl

good one!! what is with the hubby's loving the thong?? Have you seen the FRIENDS where Joey is thankful for the thong?? "is it there? Is it not there?" hee hee hee



yeah, that is my husband's response most days, "So where are the thongs!" Ugh, NO THANKS. I don't like string up my @$$! It drives me mad. I prefer the strings on my hips and my WHOLE butt covered.


LMAO - Love the last picture! I don't understand the thong obsession from men either...It isn't comfy and I am forever pulling on it cause it is up my booty...Once he can wear a thong around all day long we will talk...Until then I agree with Jenn(ifer!

Michele are all the same!

Aunt of 14

You are so funny! :) I am glad I found your blog because I like reading what you have to say.

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