Thursday, April 2, 2009

Did you not hear what I said?

Thursday, April 2, 2009
So this afternoon we were suppose to be getting some bad weather. So I decided to leave work a little early so I didnt get caught up in all the traffic and rain. On my way home I decided to call Kevin on my cell...I love to talk on the phone while I am driving. Dont judge, I am a good driver! So while we were talking I asked him if he knew if our State taxes has been deposited into our bank account yet. Here is our conversation:

Him: What is our acct number?

Me: Go to *this* website and out act number is @&#*$*^

Him: Do I put it where it says acct number?

Me: Yes just type in @&#*$*^ where it says acct number and press "enter"

Him: Ok, what says enter your password.

Me: Our password is *&^%$#@* and then hit "enter"

Him: That didnt work, what was the password again?

Me: Dont capitalize anything just type in *&^%$#@* and press "enter"

Him: It says not a valid password, now what.

Me: Just wait till I get home and I will do it. If you try again, it will lock you out of the account. I will look when I get home.

Him: says "You are now locked out of your acct...please contact customer service to reset your password!"

Me: DID YOU NOT HEAR THE WORDS THAT JUST CAME OUT OF MY MOUTH? I said do not try it again or it will lock you out!! What part of that do you not understand??? Huh? Please tell me!!!

Needless to say I said some other choice word and I got so mad I hung up on him. I mean really...did you not hear me or you just chose not to listen. Ugh!!! So after I hung up on him I called the bank to get it reset because I depend on my internet banking. I was on hold for 23mins...I kept hearing "Thank you for banking with America's First Federal Credit Union, we are experiencing an usually high call volume and will be with you shortly!" I bet I heard that at least 100 times! Finally I got someone and after I verified all of my security information she asked "Well did you forget your password?" No, my dumb@$$ lovely husband cant follow directions and kept trying the password. Needless to say she reset my password so it was the same and I could try it when I got home. I came home still steaming and got on the internet and showed him how to log in. Hopefully he wont forget it!!!


ben and erin

ummmm... yeah. he WILL forget it!

i hate when it locks you out. i guess it's a good security measure. but they should know not to lock ME out! :-) so did you get your tax return? i'm just filing all mine tonight. i can't wait!


LMBO! That sounds just like my day everyday! Except it's not a conversation between me and the husband, lol. But I promise I know how you feel!

Too Funny!


haha- MEN! LOL

the smiling fat girl

Ah, men. Love them. I really, truly do. Funny, I posted about MY darling husband this morning.

Have a great day, Alica!

How's WW going?? You still working it??



LOL....I know this feeling all to well...Hubby is forever forgetting the password (same one we have had for years!) and then trying to "remember" it as he punches in all kinds of crap and then locks it out as well. Men - Gotta love em :o)

Alabama Redhead

Hey, thanks for stopping by!

Men. I swear if I die nothing will get paid...he doesn't even know how to get online to get to our bank's Website...I guess someone's gotta keep everything running!! :)


I swear, they are all the same. I usually end up doing it myself as well..they don't listen!

Belle's Blog

I have to LOL at that password thing! I m the worst at forgetting them... so many these days for everything.


M-E-N!!!!! I swear!!! They want to puff out their chests & act like they can save the world, but they would fall apart without their woman!

Its like that quote from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

"He may be the head of the family, but the woman is the neck and she decides which way the head will turn."

We are the neck!! We rule... Men DROOL!

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