Saturday, April 4, 2009


Saturday, April 4, 2009
My girl Serenity did a post on Friends a couple of days. It sparked something in me to really think about my friends. I wanted to hear from you about your friends. First I will tell you mine. The reason I am posting on this is because I think you need a strong relationship (or network in our case) of friends. People that are always there for you no matter what. People that dont judge you over a decision that was or is being made. Or even judge you on what is going on in your life. People that are there to listen when needed or give advice when asked for it.

My friend situation is scarce. I really dont have any "friend" that I can just call up and talk to. I talk a lot to my mom. She is my outlet. I can always call her and vent (or cry) and she lets me do it. She has always been there for me.

The other person that I talk to on a daily basis is my boss "K." We dont really talk much outside of work but during the day we talk alot. I know what is going on in her life and she knows about mine. However like I said...I dont feel comfortable enough to just call her up and tell her what is on my mind.

I lost my best friend of 12 years to my ex. I will post on that later. So therefore I really dont have an outlet.

My outlet is you guys. I love being able to post whatever and know you are going to read it and give me straight up answers/advice. So I wanted to tell you all Thank You for the blog friendship that we have. I truely cherish it. I look forward to talking writing to you most every day.

So...what is your friend status??



Great thoughts. I need an outlet and for some reason, sometimes, it's just easier to type it all out and leave it for whomever to read...I really like this blogging thing; I am a better writer than I am talker.


My status is about the same as yours...I used to have a boatload of friends however over the years it is harder and harder for me to trust people so basically I don't have any friends except you all...That is one of the reasons I wished we lived closer! That and the fact that it is nice to know that there are people out there who feel the way I do and even though we are many miles away, sometimes I feel like you are in the same room :o)


((hugs)) You know I think you're awesome!!!

I may just have to blog about this myself!


I know exactly what you mean. I have no real friends since we moved here, lots of acquaintances but no one I would really hang out with. I thought I had friends before we moved but that proved to be different as I've heard from no one since we moved. It's sad and I'm glad I have you guys!


Awwe. You're too kind.

I won't even go into my 'friend status' in a comment. You know how I tend to 'over' talk things- I'll just post about it, lol.


Want another award? Come get it!


I have something for you on my blog :o)

Aunt of 14

I know what you're saying. I have many, many acquaintances, but very very FEW real friends. I've been blogging for years, but I never realized that you could link from one blog and meet new people. I'm finding more "realness" in some of my BF's and can always use more. Your concept of a network of strong friends... I agree. I need that too.


I have 2 VERY close girlfriends. One I have been friends with for 16 years (since high school) and the other one for 11 years. Here's the thing....we moved and now are really far away from each other. BUT I can still call them up anytime and they are there for me.
Since moving here I'd say I've met ONE friend who I can see "getting" close with. But we are still getting to know each other.
I absolutely NEED friends in my life!!!! I plan on doing whatever it takes to make sure that happens here in GA. I feel it takes a lot of effort (especially as we get older and have kids, husbands, lives, etc)but to me it's a priority!!! I also pray about it ALOT!!!
I'm glad you find blogging as being a great outlet for you!!!!! We ALL need that "outlet"!

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