Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sick Again

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Kaylyn is sick again. How many times can a kid get sick this year? Seriously! I mean we have already gotten a note from the school about here absences (see this post). But she has been legitimately sick. I have notes from the doctors office for all her absences.

Anyway, I noticed when she came home today that her eyes looked really tired. She then started coughing. I figured her coughing was from her asthma so I gave her a breathing treatment and was hoping that was the end of it. It wasnt. Why is it that it always gets worse at night? I would really like to know why! She has now started coughing non-stop and is all congested. For now she does not have a fever. I put her to bed around 7:30 tonight and since then I have been in there 5 different times...and its 12:25 now. I have yet to go to sleep because as soon as I lay down she starts crying. Looks like I will be up for a while. Hopefully we can sleep in, although I do have my alarm set for 8:15 so that I can call the doctors office and get her an appointment.

I called the Baby A's mom and let her know so I will not have her tomorrow. I am "not" a little excited about that. I forgot how hard it is to keep up with a baby. The constant attention you have to show them and all the baby gear! I forgot how heavy the carseat is and all the diapers you have to change. Oh well, I get to focus all my attention on my sick Kaylyn. I am just hoping this is a cold and nothing serious. Two weeks ago she had strep but seem to get over it quickly. She finished all of her antibiotic and was able to return to school a day later. I am hoping this isnt a relapse of strep. But we will see...



One reason I dislike public schools. I sent Gillian for a short period and as soon as she started she got sick. She was out for over a week because we couldn't kill the temperature. School rule you have to be temperature free for 24 hours. I hope she gets to feeling better.

Aunt of 14

I am beginning to wonder if maybe Kaylyn is allergic to something. It could be some kind of food shes been eating... maybe take one food away for a few days and see what happens. Like diary. Just a few days of no dairy products whatsoever... or substitute with soy products. It worked for my niece and nephew. They stopped getting congested so much.

Poor little girl, I really hope she feels better soon...

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