Friday, January 8, 2010

Rooster In the Yard

Friday, January 8, 2010
I mentioned months ago (actually back in April) in this post that Kaylyn has two chickens as pets that live at my parents house. Well a couple of months ago the black chick died...we think of the bird flu.Lol! Not really, we dont know why but it was around the time the swine flu was sweeping the nation and my dad cracked the joke of the bird flu since he was a bird lol! However the other chick turned into a rooster...welll I guess it was a rooster the whole time but you know what I meant. So the "Rooster" is all big now and very pretty. He is learning to do his little "cock a doodle do" very far he stops at "cock a doodle" he hasnt gotten the "do" out yet lol! He is working on it though. My dad named him Foghorn Leghorn after the cartoon. Foghorn loves my dad. My dad has started letting him out of his cage and lets him roam the yard. He always comes back. He has actually gotten to the point where he will wonder around for a while and then he will just go back into his cage. All my dad has to do is shut the door on the cage. When he is out roaming the yard anytime my dad is outside he will follow him around like a puppy. It is so funny! He will come right up to my dad but he is weary of anyone else. Obviously my dad feeds him so thats why he likes him. However, the other day he was out in the yard and Kaylyn, my dad and my uncle were in the yard talking. Kaylyn took some of his food (chicken scratch stuff (seeds and corn)) and was trying to get him to eat it out of her hand. Well being the 5 year old that she is everytime he got close to her she would jerk her hand away. I guess it made him mad because one time she did that and he freaked out on her and started flapping his wings and ended up clawing her in the face. He got her good too. He scratched her right up under the right eye. Another inch up and it would have been in her eye...she was lucky! Of course I was sympathetic but when I found out she was fine I told her that you cant tease animals like that. Because thats what she was doing, teasing him with his own food. She does the same thing to my inlaws dogs. It really makes me mad. So my dad felt a little guily because he couldnt get to her in time to stop the rooster but all in all she was fine. It just really scared her. Since then though she refuses to get around the rooster when we go over there. She even asked my dad to kill it lol! Not that he would but I think it would make her feel better!

Here are some pics I took of the rooster the other day before the incident.




I saw on Dirty Jobs lastnight they were catching chickens and roosters in Florida.

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