Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

Tuesday, January 26, 2010




I'm so ready for spring!

Midday Escapades

I'm ready for Spring too! Hope you get the unemployment monies you need.

The Princess of Sarcasm

I'd like to skip spring and go straight to summer.....

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

you make me giggle...loved the scale one. i need that one here too- BADLY!!


I think my scale is on strike... its not going up or down!! lol but I guess i should be glad it isnt goin up!


New follower-come follow back! I wish you luck on your weight loss. My hubby is doing weight watchers right now. He wants to lose I think 45 pounds! I know he can do it! He did it before---a couple years ago--but those darn pounds creeped back up. This time it is for good! Nice to meet you!

Homesick Cajun

I'm so ready for spring...this cold weather sucks!


Love it! This March my company is closing down and I will be on unemployment for the first time!

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