Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Grandfather

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
If you can please say a prayer for my family today. My Grandfather is going in to have a full body scan to see if his Leukemia has spread. He has been in remission for over 2 years now and went for his checkup and his blood count was elevated. We had to wait a whole week to get the results. Sure enough the Leukemia had returned. We are just praying that we caught it quick enough so that its hasnt spread. He hasnt felt sick or shown any signs so we are hoping that is a good sign.

He is very upset about this as you could imagine. He did not like the chemotherapy (which who does) and is not looking forward to starting it again. Plus when you are on chemotherapy your immune system is so weak so its best if he stays home and out of public places. He is by no means a home body. He loves to go and be outside, go to work and of course to church.

Please pray for strength for him today as he goes through the scan and that God gives him peace about this. I know it will be hard for him and my family because it was a long journey to get him into remission. Thanks for your prayers!



Hugs and Prayers!!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

you are definitely in my prayers- your grandfather and YOU too...


I am praying for you all.

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