Sunday, December 20, 2009

What I do during the day...

Sunday, December 20, 2009
I know that since I have been laid off you wonder what does she do during the day. Well of course the all day occasional cleaning, running errands,watching Days of our Lives & Ellen, volunteering at Kaylyn's school, and other wifely duties. However, for the past 3 weeks I have been babysitting this bundle of joy...

Since I have no family that reads my blog I dont want to post her real name just in we will call her Baby A. Baby A is my cousins little girl. She is exactly 5 months old today. My cousins works full time and about 2 months or so ago her hubby lost his job so they took Baby A out of daycare. The hubby was watching her during the day so they didnt have to pay those overpriced daycare payments. Well a few weeks ago her hubby got called in for an interview and she called me in a panic saying she didnt have anyone to keep Baby A. I told her not to worry I would be happy to. A few days later her hubby got the job and I told her if she was interested I would love to keep Baby A during the day until I find a job. Of course I would never charge her what the daycare is so it would help me out a little in the money area and save her some money at the same time. So like I said for the past 3 weeks I spend all day with this bundle of joy.




Aw, cute! And a nice work arrangement too!

ben and erin

oh that last pic of her and kaylyn is precious!

what a cutie!

Aunt of 14

She is beautiful!! :)

Aunt of 14

That last picture of her and Kaylyn is priceless :) Beautiful girls there.

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