Tuesday, December 22, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
I love Christmas time. I love the season and the Christmas Spirit. My favorite thing is the Christmas tree. There is something about a Christmas tree that I am drawn to. I love to decorate them and I love the smell of real trees. I know alot of people like the fake ones because they are easier to handle but I have to have a real one. I love the lights, the decorations and of course all the presents underneath. When I am at home my lights on my tree are always on. I have to have it on. Kevin makes fun of me because I always have the tree lights on. Even when I was a kid I had our lights on our tree on. Then on Christmas Eve we would leave our lights on all night. However, since I got married Kevin under no circumstance will leave the lights on all night.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? Is there anything special you like about Christmas?



We have a fake tree (real ones would kill Superman's allergies) but we leave the lights on almost all the time! You can't have a tree up and leave it just sitting there all dark!

Aunt of 14

I love shopping for gifts that I know people will like. I love wrapping gifts and making people guess what is in it. I love annoying my mom and ask her "So what did you get me for Xmas?" and she has to watch what she says, because sometimes she accidentally answers without meaning to. I love the SPIRIT of the whole season. The holy part, the tree part, the presents, the family part.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Corey WILL NOT leave the lights on all night either! Scrooges! I make him on Christmas Eve and Christmas night though! I love all that goes with Christmas!

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