Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

Monday, December 14, 2009

Yes, my friends! It's that time again! It's Not Me Monday! So here is what I have NOT been doing the last week! After you my Not Me's dont forget to head over to MckMama's Blog and see what her and everyone else has NOT done lately!

  • I did NOT finally break down and clean out my cupboards and found something that expired back in 03! I do NOT let things just sit in my cupboards!
  • I did NOT miss the 9pm Season Premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashian's last night so I did NOT stay up till 11pm to watch the rerun of it! I do NOT have my priorities straight!
  • I did NOT sleep till almost noon on Saturday while the hubby got up with Kaylyn and he did NOT clean the WHOLE house while I was NOT still sleeping! I do NOT have a wonderful husband!
  • I did NOT have a great interview this past week and I am NOT hoping for a call back this job. I do NOT want this job at all and I do NOT think about it all the time!
  • I have NOT waited till the week or so before Christmas to get my Christmas Cards out...I do NOT always wait this late!
  • I Oakley our Magic Elf did NOT roll our Christmas Tree with toilet paper so that it looks like Oakley rolled our tree...I am NOT so into this. I do NOT love seeing the surprise look on Kaylyn's face every morning!



I NEED to see the Christmas tree with toilet paper!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

I so hope you get the job! I can't wait to hear! oh, and 03? Cleaning my mom's cupboard dates them back to the 90's!!


Ummm, me too! Pictures please! Good Luck with the job!!

ben and erin

ok, i've seen the tp'd tree, but i still don't get it... do you do this every night?! :-)


03 not so long ago. I had a friend (obviously a very good friend)cleaning out my freezer and she found an eight year old chicken. I told her I had bouught that chicken before my dad died and it was sentimental. She threw it away.

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