Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

Monday, December 21, 2009

Yes, my friends! It's that time again! It's Not Me Monday! So here is what I have NOT been doing the last week! After you my Not Me's dont forget to head over to MckMama's Blog and see what her and everyone else has NOT done lately!
  • Once again I Oakley the Elf did NOT decorate the tree with something new...panties. See this post about Oakley and this post to see the panties lol!
  • I did NOT have 2 family Christmas get together's this weekend and I did NOT over eat at all! I did NOT even go back for seconds.
  • I did NOT go to my Sunday School Christmas party on Friday night and get home at 12:30am! Not a church function!
  • I do NOT have the best MIL and I did NOT go shopping with her just for the fun of it yesterday. I do NOT talk my MIL at least once or twice a day! My husband does NOT get a little irritated that his mom tells me things before she tells him!
  • Our redneck neighbors did NOT move last week! We are NOT excited to hopefully have some normal people moving in!
  • Kaylyn was NOT gone most of the weekend at my inlaws and my mother's house and I did NOT plan on going to bed early both nights and I did NOT stay up to close to 2 am in the morning!



Aunt of 14

How is your SIL?

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

I am glad you had a great time shopping! Whoo hoo to the neighbors moving!!


12:30 for a church function??? You wild woman. lol

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