Monday, February 1, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

Monday, February 1, 2010

Yes, its only Tuesday but its Post It Note Tuesday! That makes it all the better! After my Post It's dont forget to head over to Supah's to see her Post It's!




I'm so with you on the job thing. At least I have designing right now so that helps but I do seriously need a steady income. I miss it

I am Lee-Ann...

I hear you on the laundry and dishes. Oh and of course the bills!

My Life in Purple

what, laundry doesn't do itself?! damn..

and btw, you were right, the answer was d.) all of the above and more! ;)


laundry is always piling up around here & sometimes sits in the dryer for a while even after its been washed! haha

Simply Valorie

I am right there with you on the job AND laundry thing. I've basically given up on both, but I should probably kick it back into gear soon.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

uh. Laundry is the bane of my life. That's all i can say about that.


can you imagine how much more stuff the world would accomplish if it weren't for laundry?


Are you a SAHM? If so, you should be earning about $137,000 per year? Oh, you're not? Me either:-(


I'm not going to even talk to my laundry and dishes right now...convinced they are having unprotected relationships and procreating while I'm at my computer.....Love it!

Peterson Family

Laundry and cleaning are never, ever finished at our house! There is always more!

And steady income is always a good thing!

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