Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

Monday, February 1, 2010

Yes, my friends! It's that time again! It's Not Me Monday! So here is what I have NOT been doing the last week! After you read my Not Me's dont forget to head over to MckMama's Blog and see what her and everyone else have NOT been doing lately!
  • I did NOT put on a pair of pantyhose they other night and stick my finger right through them on my thigh. I did NOT freak out because it was my only pair of hose and I had to wear them that night. I then did NOT out liquid band-aid over the hole in hopes it wouldnt grow. I know what liquid band-aid is used for and its not to fix my pantyhose.
  • Kaylyn did NOT get sick again this past week. I did NOT have to take her to the dr to hear the diagnosis of walking pneumonia again. She has NOT had this times in the last 6 months!
  • I did NOT cheat on my diet several days last week. I seriously want to lose weight so I would never cheat!
  • I did NOT do like 7 loads of laundry on Saturday! How can 3 people get up 7 loads of laundry with in a few days!



walking pneumonia again? Does she have asthma? she might want to be tested for asthma if she keeps having the same problems!

Don't worry, I NEVER cheat on diets either.

Aunt of 14

You can also use hair spray to stop a hose from running. AND nailpolish. The things I have learned from working in the office! :)



Hugs to Kaylyn! I hope she feels better soon! Next time instead of liquid bandaid (LMAO) use hairspray :) :)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged

Yikes! Poor Kayla!
YOu? Smart thinking on the panty hose! I hate when that happens!
oh, and laundry? Don't even go there my dear!


Wow, your week sounds like mine!

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